Coping With Self-Mutilation: A Helping Book for Teens Who Hurt Themselves

Alicia Clarke

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From the Cover

A growing number of young people are trying to cope with their problems and challenges by harming themselves physically. In this sensitively written book, teens and their parents can learn what self-mutilation is and why people harm themselves.

Alicia Clarke describes the signs and symptoms of this problem, answers questions young readers and parents have about self-mutilation, and provides the resources for help. The information Clarke provides can help teens take the first steps toward finding positive, healthy ways to deal with the emotional pain, anger, hurt, or abuse that can cause a person to self-mutilate. Finally and most important, Clarke lets teens know that they don’t have to hurt themselves, that many others have stopped this behavior, and that there are healthy ways to cope with their problems.

About the Author

Alicia Clarke, M.A., is an outpatient therapist with Parkside Behavioral Health Services and Hospital of Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has practiced in the mental field since 1974, working as a psychiatric aide in a state hospital, a clinical social worker in a private hospital as well as in mental health centers in Norman and Tulsa, and as a psychology instructor in Midwest City and Tulsa. She is currently cofacilitating a group for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Coping With Self-Mutilation


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