To Walk on Eggshells

Jean Johnston

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From the Foreword

I first came across Jean when, in a previous job, I started getting phone calls from someone in Helensburgh who appeared to be running an effective campaign to maintain psychiatric services in her area. She seemed to have access to national and local press, high profile supporters, good sources of information and the ear of decision makers and policy bods. When she asked me what she should do I was, not surprisingly, a bit stumped.

Jean’s determination, drive and energy are matched only by her incredible modesty — she’s often described herself as ‘just little me’ or ‘no expert’. Well the truth is that she is an expert and someone who should be (and is) taken very seriously. She is someone who understands the reality of caring for a person who is experiencing serious mental health difficulties, an able campaigner passionately committed to the importance of high quality treatment services but still recognising the importance of improving awareness of mental health across the whole of society.

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To Walk on Eggshells


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