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March 19, 2000

Contribute to a new SI book

Elizabeth is doing a book on self-injury, and she wants your input. She writes:
Would you like to contribute to a book about Self-Injury? My main goal is to let those who self-injure to let them know that they are truely not alone. Because it's the truth! So with the book I'm writing lets all participate and make those who feel alone not feel it anymore!
As far as I can tell, anything goes: Life stories, artwork, poetry... You can get more info on this project my sending a mail to LoveTULS@aol.com or by visiting http://hometown.aol.com/lovetuls/page2/index.htm


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Discussion boards

I have just added two discussion boards: One for self injury, and one for suicide. It is my hope that these forums will be a safe haven for everyone. The forums can be found in the 'contact' section of this site.

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