Information on self injury and suicide

Psyke is an attempt to collect resource materials for people struggling with suicidal thoughts/ideations and self injury (SI). Please be advised that most of the material on this site can be very triggering - please make sure that you're safe before proceeding.


If you have written an article, a poem or an essay relating to self injury or suicide, I would be happy to publish it here. Just go to the contact section of this site.

Most of the content has been found on the web. If you feel that I violate any copyrights you hold, please let me know, and the offending material will be removed immediately.

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Discussion boards

Psyke currently maintains a discussion board on self injury, and a discussion board on suicide. It is my hope that these fora will be a safe haven for everyone. More information on the fora can be found in the 'contact' section of this site.



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