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Hi! Just saying well done for a great site, it's great that for once we have a non-biased resource to know that there are lots of people who SI.


I am relatively new to navigating the internet. I have been plagued by self-injury for many years and have been surfing through various websites and web pages for information, connections, and so on. I felt compelled to write you a note because this site is the best designed and most well-organized site I have visited in a few months of surfing the net. Congratulations. You are doing a fine job. Thank you for a site that is easy to navigate, clear, and concise. Reading the material on these sites is an intense experience, particularly for a self-injurer. The clarity and organization enable me to locate what I seek without a lot of confusion and hassle. I realize that some sites need to have commercial banners and so on for funding purposes. This site is excellent, not just in content, but in the technical aspects, since it makes the information easily accessible to even the most novice of users. Thank you so very much.

I have to tell you I have never seen any site i can relate to as well as this one. I like it. I think it's great and all the pics I can relate to almost perfectly.

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