Last update:
August 16, 1999

Why Psyke?

Psyke is a non-profit site. It's an ongoing effort to collect information related to self injury (SI) and suicide in one place on the web. At the moment I haven't got the ressources to create original material for this site, so all information on Psyke exists in other forms elsewhere.

If any information on this site infringes any copyrights you own/hold, please let me now, and the offending materials will be deleted immediately.

Who is behind this?

My name is Morten Wulff, and I am currently studying at the Technical University of Denmark to become a software engineer. As you might have guessed, I am not a medical professional, but the subjects covered in this site are some of the few things that I really care about.

When I'm not making additions or changes to this site, I can be found on #bus on IRC (undernet) or on the BUS mailing list.

Linking to Psyke

When linking, please use this URL, as it helps me track the number of visitors to the site:

If you want to use a special graphic for the link, please send me an email stating the required size, and I will make one available to you.

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