What is Wrong With Most of These Self Proclaimed SI’ers

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I’m sorry to be the one to point this out, but why advocate what is nothing more than petty cries for help?

Most of the people whose websites you have links, their stories run deeper than you can imagine (or maybe you have figured this out).

They gripe about how lousy and worthless they are and then go on to explain all the joys of life.

Where is the crappiness of the life they so despise?

If it were some chemical imbalance (schizophrenia, bipolar, unipolar, depression (not brought on by a self induced psychosis) I would see the need to seek therapy, not the attention of the world.

SI is a private matter. It is a disease/sickness that afflicts many, but most of these cases are just, like I stated above, pathetic cries for help.

Look at the person who cuts on their lower arm, or neck, face, abdomen (places that will most likely be seen within every endeavor they take on in their everyday lives) and look at those who cut on their upper arms, legs, back, chest, etc., etc. (i.e. places that would not normally be seen in their everyday lives) and you will see a pattern.

The ones that cut for attention usually do it very stylish; very in line with any art form you can ever think of, and they make it trendy. That is why SI is looked down on so badly by society as a whole. Nobody understands the true pain because those that portray this “pain” are in fact leading very good lives and just don’t know a good thing when it’s right in front of them; or maybe they do, and they just want to be something else; someone else.

But SI is not the answer to a social situation you could otherwise get yourself out of on your own, whether through self discipline or a change of mentality.

And no matter what you say, or anybody that reads this, if you believe that these people are right, you are in a way practicing the very beliefs that go against the ones you are supposedly believing.

To “pat” these people on the back, as you so have done, you are shining a light on something that should be discussed with somebody who talks for a living. They are called psychiatrists.

You are not helping; you are encouraging people who do not need to be encouraged.

And for everyone that gets pissed; thanks. You just proved me right by either not understanding a word I said, or just getting mad like the self loathing bitter people that you truly are.

It’s one thing to admit you have a problem, and then shut up about it. It’s another to make a website completely based around your “8 month binge on razor blades and braded rope” and how oh, look at this, it’s a paper cut that I made with the coat hanger

Most of the people who grew up with SI and are sick of all these kids growing up and picking up the habbit of taking it out on themselves (most for all the wrong reasons) don’t do it right anyway.

And most of them don’t realize that it scars you for life. And most of them don’t realize scars are not the most attractive thing to live with. They’re there 24/7, 365.

But if you’re going to SI and show the world anyway, remember this:

A knife is like a tattoo gun. Even if used properly, it has the ability to scar you for life. But also like a tattoo gun, if used wrong, it can prove to be very disasterous.

And sometimes, just sometimes, it’s better to pick up a phone than a knife.

To everyone who does it because they really can’t help it, my thoughts go out to you all; the SI community is like a family.

You have the true family (us) and the inlaws (them… pretty much everyone most of the negative comments were aimed at). Everyone in my part of the family; just ignore them. They eventually go away.

Matthew Trevino — October, 2003


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