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I want to tell you about my self harm. I want to make you understand and I want to make me understand too. I want to get to a point where I can be wound free — where my body only shows the scars of where I’ve been and not where I am right now. I can’t remember the last time I was completely wound-free. I was once, maybe when I was about 13. It’s hard to say.

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Before I even knew there was such a thing as the self-injury epidemic, I was part of it.

It started late one night (as most things do) when I was a junior in high school, not sure why I couldn’t stop crying, but very sure that jabbing my fingertips with a sewing needle was just the way to do it. At the time, I didn’t realise there was a name for my peculiar behaviour, just that it calmed me down.

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Shelley Stoehr: Crosses Nancy and Katie are best friends with one big thing in common: they both cut themselves. They don’t cut by accident; they do it purposely. And they don’t talk about why they do it. Soon Nancy realises that she and Katie need cutting to get through the day.

Crosses was the first novel for young adults to deal with an increasingly widespread disorder, and graphically describes the cry for help of many adolescents and how far they have to fall before they are even noticed.

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A Bright Red Scream

Marilee Strong: A Bright Red Scream An investigation of why so many people deliberately hurt themselves and what can be done to help them. The illness “outed” on a global scale when Princess Diana admitted hurting herself deliberately, and continues to be practised mainly by middle-class women who start in their teens and self-harm throughout their lives.

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I just want to say as a struggling cutter that your site really helps me. I have been cutting since I was ten years old. I am now 13. I have always felt so alone in my problem or whatever you would like to call it. I have always felt that there is no one out there quite like me, no one who understands what I go through. I have felt like my friends don’t know why I cut. It’s more of a need than a want. With your site I see that there are others like me. Ones that understand the need to cut.


I have been self injury free for three months now. I love the confidence I get when I can lift my sleeves and not see fresh wounds. I wanted to let everyone know that you can do it. You can be self injury free.


I really enjoy this website. I read some of the personal experiences and the poetry, and I can relate so well. I feel like I could have written those things, those are things I’ve been through or I’ve felt. Thank you for making this page.


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