A collection of poems written by self-injurers. If you would like your own works included on this page, please go to the Contact page.


S. Marie: Captīv This is the only book of poems I know of, that deals directly with self injury. More info on the Captīv website.

Human Jewelry

Copyright Anonymous

I’ve made an anklet
Engraved in my skin
The red slashes
Form red ruby dots of blood
The veins of blue
Add sapphires to this
Piece of human jewelry
Perhaps next I shall
Make a matching
Bracelet or two?


Copyright, Renée

there is nothing more addictive
than a wound self-inflicted

Beautiful Girl

Copyright, Nicole

Nobody wants
To dance with the beautiful girl
Nobody thinks
That she is really beautiful-
She runs her tongue across her
painted lips
Touches her hair, and
Smiles from her safe place

Nobody sees
The thoughts of the beautiful girl
Nobody knows
The place where she is hiding
She doesn’t seem to notice as they
All stand back
Her dress slips off her shoulder
She’s dancing on the
Dance floor all alone

Nobody likes
The scars on the beautiful girl
Nobody wants
To see the pain that clearly
She lets them show like patchwork
Foreign patterns on her body
They make a startling contrast
With her sharp stilletto heels

Nobody dares
Get close to the beautiful girl


Copyright, Anonymous

express the hardships
she had to endure
she is healed
she still bleeds
for someone to bandage her


Copyright, Jenni

The cuts
lead to scars
scars tell stories
which no one
no one

Jenni also wrote the following poem:

life is shit
chocolate is evil
knives do no good
crying myself blind
thats what i tell myself but I can’t stop

…and this:

my friends think im suicidal
they don’t get it
i don’t want to kill my self
i just want to feel… free
when i cut I can forget
all my problems
and just concentrate
on the pain
for that second
I am free


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