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  • Alternatives to Cutting - Has a lot of ideas on how to avoid cutting; plus a few guidelines on what to do if cutting is the only option. Also has some tips on how to reduce scarring.
  • Alternatives to Self Injury - A list of things to try instad of self injury.
  • Coping - A page of coping skills by Dawn Gibson. Has general coping tips and tips specific to self injury. The site also has a nice list of links to distract yourself from self injury.
  • Coping Skills - An article from BBC: “Effectively coping with life’s problems and failures requires realistic expectations. Psychologists call these expectations and judgements appraisals; life events (such as traffic bottlenecks or the boss’s gruff voice) are not a problem, unless we appraise them as such. So if these appraisals are realistic, we’ll be better able to react to the events of day-to-day life.”
  • Coping Skills - A list of things to do instead of self injury. Also has lists of warning signs and feelings relating to those signs.
  • Safe Place - “Visualization for Containment and Grounding. Like other techniques for containment and grounding, ‘safe scene’ visualization enables an individual to nurture and soothe him or herself and to practice effective control over their feelings and thoughts.”
  • Top 10 Reasons Scars Aren’t All Bad - Sometimes a bit of humor helps.



I read about the “Shame of Scars” but in all honesty, (as a cutter) I’ve gone one week (approx.) and my scars give me a sense of pride and self worth that I’ve gone long enough with out cutting to have those scars. I don’t want people to see my scars, as much as I don’t want them seeing my cuts, but for me, when I look at them and see a healing body, I feel a healing mind.


Just another suggestion for your site about self mutilation. A coping skill — something that works for me.

Hot candle wax, it gives me a ‘release’, (to an extent), but it doesn’t leave a scar. This has helped me through many ‘cutting’ situations.

Thank you for your site! It helps me know that I’m not alone in this ‘freaky’ thing that I feel that I need to do!


If it is the blood that you need to see, dropping red food dye onto your arm and watching it puddle and run down your arm is a very good alternative to actual blood.


I made a happy box where I keep my favourite things, so now when I feel it’s coming on I decide to look in it so I feel better.


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