These FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) deal with the topic of self injury. I am aware that it is a bit of a stretch to call all these texts FAQ’s, but they seemed to fit here.

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What Cutting Is

Jennifer sent me this brief description:

Cutting isn’t just, “Hey, I’m depressed and I’m going to cut myself,” it is more like: “I’m so stressed, so pained, so confused, what do I do? As you look around the room for an exit from life, you see the blade lying on the table, you slowly reach for the shiny object imaging that it could be the new opening. As you lay it on your skin, you go into a sort of trance. You apply pressure little by little as you carefully drag the sharp, painless object along your skin, and for a second you feel as if you are in a complete state of cleanliness as if you are completely sin free because it has all seeped out with your blood. When you finally stop, the pain, stress and confusion all come back, but yet you do it over and over just for the second that you feel clean, for the second that everything for once is no longer inside of you and for the time that no matter what is happening around you it doesn’t involve you.”


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