Picture Feedback

Having the picture section online has really helped keep my mailbox full:


Forbiddenyetnotforgotten writes:

This is in response to Felicity’s email, regarding the pictures posted on this site.

I am a self-injurer and since I started, I have done a lot of research on this topic. I agree with Jade’s comment about actually having the pictures posted. For now, I refer to the latter comment made on the term ‘self mutilation’.

Instead, they deal with self-mutilation, which, if you actually knew something, you would realize is different from self-injury.

According to The World Book Dictionary:

self-mutilation, n.
injury inflicted upon oneself.

Also, according to

self mu·ti·la·tion
Injury or disfigurement of oneself (self mutilation associated with the Lesch-Nyhan syndrome)

I also checked Wikipedia, which has up to date facts and information about any range of topics — including self-mutilation (I was redirected to the main article: self-injury). When I read what Felicity wrote about this, I only momentarily questioned my research and then decided this needs to be cleared up.

So, self-mutilation is the injury of oneself, otherwise known as self-injury.

I hope this helps to clear up any confusion…

Molly writes:

Don’t get me wrong, I love this site. But geez, take down the pictures. As a fourteen year old cutter I will tell you that the pictures are extremely triggering, I only looked at some like once and I only got triggered (badly). They don’t help anyone and the people who take pictures of their cuts are attention seekers and just trying to see who can make worse cuts. Do self injurers a favor and take the pictures down.

Tess writes:

I truely think the photos section of your site can be really helpful to other SI victims in their road to recovery by displaying how bad it really could get, as well as helping people identify with one-another and realize they are not alone (as I have thanks to your wonderful site).

Angel of Mercy writes:

I just wanted to say that you should keep the pictures of cuts and other self-injuries because to me the pictures are like a wake up call. I hadn’t hurt myself for about a month or so when I stumbled onto your site. At first I was afraid to look at the pictures. I went ahead and looked at them and read the stories. The pictures made me realise that I didn’t want to go that far. I didn’t want to end up with huge bloody scars or cuts. I also realised that the career I want is to work with teens who self-injure or have problems. I hope that now after looking at the pictures I will never cut or hurt myself intentionally gain.

Chelsea writes:

I used to cut myself until my friend saw my cuts and made me look at them. It sickened me. I saw some of them and they looked like mine. And I realized that my condition was only getting worse it is a recent event that I have stopped. I am not wound free yet but since I saw the pictures I have not cut again. They are more like gashes. I would send you pictures, but I have no desire to show off this shameful act. I am not proud of what I did. I cut my wrists and my thighs. But the pictures scared me and I don’t want that for myself. I do have a hard life, my past is hard. But there is no reason why I can’t find other healthier outlets. And thanks to your site I realized that there is no need for me to cut myself. I never had any intent on killing myself but I suppose that if I continued it would get to that point. I got to the point of me passing out from losing blood. And I’m done with all of it. So I just wanted to thank you. Even though I was sick to my stomach after viewing those photos, I have you and my friend to thank for me not cutting anymore. It will be hard, but I think with determination I can do it. Thank you again for your page. It helped save a life, because if I didn’t stop I would be down that road. Thank you so much.


Joshua writes:

I used to cut and I found your site and it makes me sick. It may be a good thing but showing pics of their cuts are not a good thing. If I had [seen] this site I might have cut more and deeper. I hope you offer more support for these people. I am not dogging this site but the pics I don’t think are a good thing.

Anna writes:

I have looked at the pictures in this website and I think it’s wrong to have a site with pictures with selfinjurers. It’s not OK, because my friends look at this and they are very depressed. I hope you can take these pictures away because it’s not good to have it on the internet.

Gideon writes:

I’m Gideon and I had auto-mutilation. But I got better. I don’t have the inclination to cut anymore. But the weirdest thing is that I don’t detest pictures of it. But I don’t know if that is a bad thing or not. Don’t you think it is bad that I don’t get sick by looking at such a picture?

An anonymous visitor writes:

I’m sorry but your picture section is truly disgusting. I think that it is very triggering and is unnecessary.

Amy writes:

I am a guidance counselor and two of my students brought me to this website. I was curious as to the purpose of putting pictures of people who have cut themselves. I am not an expert on cutting but I do know that many students who cut try to one up each other. Adolescents are looking at the pictures on your site and trying to match the pictures and are looking for new ideas of where to cut.

An anonymous visitor writes:

About the much heated debate on pictures, thank you, I know there are many people who don’t like the pictures being shown, and they complain to you. I think everyone who is here is looking for support and honesty of some kind, and you’re doing a wonderful job providing it. By being allowed to show pictures really lets us know that we are OK as people, that we don’t have to hide from everyone, we don’t have to make ourselves alone. Actions speak louder than words. It makes a big difference.

An anonymous visitor writes:

I don’t know if this is the right adress to write to, but well, I read some negative feedbacks on your site and as much as I want to respect everyone’s opinion I really disagree. I’m a recovered girl, I used to cut, a lot. Sometimes I still feel a urge to cut, since it had become an habit to me, when that happens I just come here, I look at the pictures and read the stories and I immediately remember vividly all the pain and the neverending circle of cutting and suffering and that chases the urge away. I hope this site will never be closed or the pics taken down because I think it works as a reminder for me and many others. It may be triggering to some people, but there’s a clear warning for that on the picture page and I think it’s rather safe. Personally I read many comments on various sites of people being discouraged to cut after seeing pics of cuts and re-living the pain it brings. Plus it helps feeling less alone.

Rachel writes:

I just wanted to e-mail and say that this is the best self harm website I have ever come across. Most sites on this topic are all clinical and it just seems like they’ve been written by doctors, but this website is real and sort of raw, I guess.

There’s also not a lot of sites with pictures of self harm on them, but this one does, and I appreciate this. When I need to cut, but I still feel stable enough to think to myself, no you don’t actually need this, the only thing that has ever been able to stop me is seeing pictures. I don’t know why, but when I see pictures or scars of other people’s cuts it makes me feel better, or helps me forget what was making me wanting to cut in the first place. I don’t know, I’m not really explaining this well.

I also like how there are so many personal stories, it makes me feel less alone, and that if I ever wanted to talk to someone I could.

So basically: thank you.

Lori writes:

This is a great site. However, I browsed the pictures section and was in awe. I have never felt the need to share my SI, and am startled by those who share their pictures. This, to me, is a glamorisation of our pain instead of honesty. Seeing those pictures (and certian ones, I’m sure you will know) makes one, myself included, feel like I’m an “amateur” SI, if you know what I mean. Some people are seriously in need of recognition. I am not saying that sharing these pictures is negative, but in all honesty it makes someone, me, my buds, etc. feel like our pain is being commercialised. I would love to know your feelings on this. I’m not sure if you are interested in me writing any sort of story or memoir. We can talk. Just a little info on me. I am twenty-nine, I have been a SI as long as I can remember. I have survived child abuse (does it really matter what kind?) and continue to struggle with self-doubt and hate, even going into my thirties. I see that you have a lot of teens on your website. I do believe that kids have a lot of pressure these days, but I’m not sure why they are not finding healthy ways to deal.

An anonymous visitor writes:

This isn’t a personal story, this is feedback on the pictures. All you people who said having the pictures up is wrong are all fucking idiots. If you don’t want to see them, then don’t look. Personally as an SI’er they have helped me to realise that I shouldn’t go as far as some of the people in the pictures have. So if you want to stop me from seeing the pics that help me to stop self harming then you are one sick fuck. So why don’t you all just fuck off and let people look at them if they want.

Ariel writes:

I kept looking at all the pictures in that section, looking at some of the really horrible, gruesome ones, even some that weren’t that gruesome but worse than my own cuts, and with every picture, I kept thinking ‘I don’t want to be like that’. Then I came across a picture that looked almost identical to my own cuts. And I realized, ‘I am like that’. I may not be ready to stop yet, but this certainly kept me from cutting as often. Thank you so much.

Satanist Girl writes:

I’m sixteen years old and I live in Switzerland. I’ve discovered your site a little time ago, and it helps me a lot. I haven’t been SI’ing for a long time — maybe one year — and I don’t make deep wounds. I don’t do it every day, but I want to stop. Because I don’t want to be like the pictures I’ve seen. I’m afraid of scars. I don’t want my mother to discover it. I don’t want to go into a hospital or I don’t know what. I think that stopping SI’ing is a thing we can do only alone. And the others can’t make anything to help us to stop. I don’t know if I really want to stop. In a sense I want because I don’t want any scars, but when I do it, I feel good. It’s a medicine when I’m sick of life. I hope that someone understands me. Your website is very good. When I see the pictures, it helps me. When I need to SI, I come here and I look at all the pictures. In the end I don’t take the razor blade. So I just want to say thank you for this beautiful site and I’m sure that it helps a lot of people.

Esther writes:

I want to thank everyone for their bold honesty, placing your pictures online. I have been self injuring since the third grade. I’m twenty-one now and cutting is still a battle. Seeing these pictures gives me a release and sense of calm: it curbs my urges to cut. Also, knowing that I’m not alone in this is comforting. Thank you again.

An anonymous visitor writes:

I just have a question. What is the purpose of posting the pictures? It seems as though people are trying to make art out of it and deepening a connection with it. Doesn’t cutting isolate you enough already? I cut for seven years and have gruesome scarring but I don’t wear it like a badge of honor. It is personal. Aren’t you concerned people will fall into the romance of it? I am not trying to be overly critical because I realize this site is an attempt to provide support in numbers and a ‘safe place’. But learning to cope doesn’t mean telling or should I say showing your war stories.

An anonymous visitor writes:

I found your site through a referral of one of my friends that has been battling self-injury for a while now. I was extremely disturbed to find that you had pictures. True, you provide a warning. But it is completely unrealistic to consider that someone seeking relief from self-injury would take note of your warning and stop. I asked my aforementioned friend if the pictures disturbed her. They do, intensely. She said they are a great temptation. I would merely suggest that if you intend to provide support, advice, and comfort: remove the pictures. You are tempting those that you say you’d like to help. Please just consider it. On behalf of all friends that I know and acquaintances that I can imagine would be pushed and tempted by those pictures, please consider improving your site. The pictures are ridiculous when you consider that these people are almost always tempted. I only hope that you’ll at least consider my advice and look into it.

Jen writes:

This may sound like a crazy comment for someone to say but I am glad that you have put up pictures of people’s cuts. I myself am a cutter and after viewing pictures of other people’s cuts, it has made me realize that I may be one of the lucky ones to not cut so deep or cut so much. Every night I go to bed with a razor blade in my hand, waiting for that feeling that takes me over the edge and makes me cut myself. It was disgusting to look at some of the pictures but I am glad that I did because I have realized and have came out with a whole new outlook on cutting.

Eclypse writes:

I really enjoy your site and it has helped me better understand why I might be doing this, or why I feel the need to do this. And, I’ve found the triggering pictures to be shocking enough to make me not want to get that bad. All the same, sometimes they’ve made me just want to compete.

Andrea writes:

I’ve been cutting for about three years now. Your site has a lot of useful information for self injurers and I appreciate all that you do. My only concern is the pictures. It’s great that you put the huge warning before entering the site, but that won’t stop cutters. Even us cutters who are attempting to recover find it almost impossible to stay away from images like those. They’re very graphic and don’t serve any purpose besides to trigger and give us new ideas. If there were some benefit to having the images there, I could understand. But I don’t see one. Please consider this for myseld, and all other self injurers our there.

Nikki writes:

Please don’t take the pics down. They have no right to be bitching. I think it helps to see people doing what I do and you don’t have to look at the pics if you don’t want to.

Nikkie writes:

[…] after seeing these people I can’t believe how deep these people cut. The deepest I have ever cut was an inch deep and some of the people on here are cutting to the bone. I have never seen anyone cut that deep. […] these people are obviously needing to express a lot of pain.

Noni writes:

I think your site is great, it really helps me to see how ugly the cuts really are. When I feel the urge to cut, I look at this site, which is pretty much every day.

Laura writes:

It seems you have had a lot of e-mails asking you to take down the self harm pictures, and yet you still have not. Perhaps this is because you’ve had a lot more people telling you they’re helpful; perhaps there’s another reason.

I’ve been self harming for over five years now, and I maybe first came across your site when I was about fourteen. I remember seeing self harm photos then, but they were nothing compared to the magnitude now. They were still triggering, though. You have a very nice little message at the beginning of the photo pages warning people of the trigger content. This is not enough. A lot of people who self harm are young teenagers, and they’re just not mature enough to take notice of those warnings. A lot of people who self harm look for triggers. You’re starting them on a very slippery slope which could prove very damaging both mentally and physically.

Those photos are nothing short of sick glorification. Self harm is very competitive, just like eating disorders. People will look at them and think ‘oh, my cuts don’t look like that; perhaps I won’t be taken seriously if they’re not bad enough’ or ‘hey, that’s a good idea, never thought of doing it that way before’. Putting pictures here is irresponsible at best, very dangerous at worst.

A lot of people claim that seeing them made them feel ‘not alone’. The stories and poetry do a perfectly good enough job of that. We should not be trying to make people feel comfortable in such damaging behaviours — we should be encouraging them instead to seek help and find better coping mechanisms.

Please, from someone whose been through just about every emotion a self harmer can go through, and has just about every experience of wanting to be triggered and making things deliberately worse for myself, listen: You are making a big mistake. I do not blame the people who look at the photos; they’re either too young or not strong enough to know better. I don’t blame the people who send the photos to you. I blame you for posting them. You’re responsible. Please, try and focus on getting people better instead of creating the ‘self harmers unite and cut together’ group.

Helen writes:

I saw a lot of comments on your feedback thingy about how people can get triggered by the pictures. I don’t have a problem with (most of) the pictures. However, the comments posted with the photos frequently seem to be bragging about how messed up they are, or say things like “my boyfriend dumped me so I carved his name into my arm”. I ask you to consider moderating what they say about their pictures as some do seem to be taking it to be a competition. This does nothing to help dispell the popular perception of self injurers to be attention seeking and does a great disservice to those who do it for other reasons but are afraid to get help.

A frequently used excuse on the site is “it’s an addiction, I can’t help it” which is not true, everyone can get better from this but they have to be prepared to put some effort into it, and allowing this myth to perpetuate does no one any favours.

In case you’re wondering (am guessing not, you’re probably fed up with getting emails on this topic, but I’m saying anyway) the photos I do not think you should be showing are the “teenage angst” ones — pentagrams, “kill me” and so forth.

Puss in Booties writes:

This site is a pile of crap. What kind of self harm site posts pictures of peoples injuries? Is it like a competition? Should I like cut my hand off and post it, would I win? What would I win? Huh? What a bunch of losers.

Jewel writes:

Why are all you people cutting then taking pics of it? It just looks like you are cutting to take the pic, to put it on the page. Get over it. That means that you are doing it for attention. And that is not what cutting is about. It’s not for fucking attention. It’s to make yourself feel better. I used to do it to make my self feel real. Some people, the true cutters, will always be cutters no matter what. It doesn’t matter how long you go without it. If your scars look like mine, then cutting will always be in the back of you head. Why don’t you kids just starting to cut quit now? It gets too fucking addicting. I hate looking at my scars. I used to think they were pretty, I wanted to be a school teacher, creative writing, for high school students. Guess what, I fucking can’t now. Because of my scars and my history of being in and out of hospitals. You need to think before you fucking do any kind of self injury.

Hyphen writes:

Thank you ever so much for such a wonderful site — simply looking at the pictures of self-harm can sometimes stop me from doing it myself.

I really appreciate what you’re doing. Thank you.

Laura writes:

I’ve been scratching and biting myself for as long as I can remember. I’ve recently tried to stop, but my life just got worse, so yeah. I came across this site while doing research for a Powerpoint presentation/essay I’m doing for school. It’s… good. My boyfriend and I have been going to it a lot. He’s trying to help me, even though it makes him sick when he thinks about me hurting himself. Don’t take the pictures down… they are triggering, but they’ve helped me. They’ve also helped my boyfriend see that I’m not alone in this, and he’s trying hard to help me, even though it hurts him. Thank you so much. I really appreciate what you’re doing, keep it up.


Kittie writes:

First off, I think your webpage is very good, and very helpful. I’ll admit I got myself into more than I bargained for with the pictures section, but I think it’s important to face what makes us who we are, SI included. When we can see the scars and wounds and not feel triggered is a day I look forward to with all my heart.

Elisa writes:

I have some issues with parts of your website,

Now, I realize that your page helps a lot of people who are struggling with SI, but I think it’s very wrong of you to display pictures of their wounds and scars. I saw people who had continuous picture-series, like visual diaries of their injuries, and I really think that these people get a kick from showing off their scars. And that you are, without such intention, encouraging their destructive behaviour.

You of all people should know how dangerous it is to romanticize SI! Some kids actually think that it’s cool, and are easily seduced by it (i.e. goth-kids). By giving these exhibitionists a place to show off their injuries, you are ruining the self-help-potential of your site. It’s hard to move on, and to quit bad habits, when you are faced with such triggers. I respect your effort of putting up a warning in your picture section, but wouldn’t it be much easier just taking it away?

Alison writes:

Thank you so much for your site and especially for the photo section. When I have the urge to cut and look at photos and see what I want to do, it sort of helps me and I don’t have to cut. I don’t know why. I hope there are at least some people out there who feel the same as I do and whom I can help with my pictures the same as others helped me with theirs.

Caitie writes:

I wanted to let you know after reading the example email on the front picture page that I disagree as a cutter, your site has been extremely helpful to me including the pictures section. And if anything I want to thank you for the site.

An anonymous visitor writes:

I just wanted to give you a fast comment. I wanted you to know that your site has really helped me stop cutting. Mainly your “Sloopy” gallery. It really made me realize what I could end up doing to myself one day.

David writes:

I think this page is a very good thing, maybe not the fresh cuts, but the old scars and the extreamly bad cuts are a wake up call, they show how bad things can get, and until now I thought that when I cut I cut deep, but seeing those makes me sad, yes of course, but it makes me realize that I wasn’t as bad as I thought I was, and I agree with all of the other people that the old scars show that they do fade over time, I’m glad I found this site, it makes me really want to stop so that I don’t get as bad as some of the people who have posted their pictures up here have gotten.

Philippa writes:

I am a self harmer and currently run a support group online. I just wanted to voice my concerns of your displays of self-harm photos in the album section. It worries me greatly that you are allowing people to take photos of their self harm and display it. What concerns me the most is that it may trigger other people into -harming themselves greatly, or encouraging people to self-harm who have never done it before. I’m sure it is within your best interest to spread awareness and to prevent S.H but I’m worried without wanting to you are encouraging it. Please do somethinf about your photos. I would really hate to have to take this further or for anyone to harm themselves as a result of your photos.

Kimba writes:

The pictures don’t help, they inspire when the mind is filled with blackness and is lost. The poems, yes beautiful. But still those pictures, why something so private, so deep inside should be plastered on to a screen for the dark world to see, I cannot understand. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and I’ve lived, and tried to die. But now things are different. God changed my life. But seeing those reflections just brings it all back with a crystal clear reality that shakes me to my core and makes breathing so hard. For goodness sake, take down the pictures, no matter what you think they don’t help. And no matter what you want to believe they never will!

Aubrey writes:

I don’t have a story, but I am extremely upset. This site is sickening. Why do you encourage these young girls? It’s horrible, if anything you should make them get help, not let them post sickening pictures. I’m utterly appalled. My best friend in the world cut herself, and she stopped, that’s what should happen, not making it sound like it’s a sport and comparing scars. Is this legal?

It will only get worse, maybe suicide… Get help.

Math writes:

Well… I came across that website by… Um, dunno how. And then I saw these pics… And I don’t think the pics make people who self-injure stop it. The pics maybe scare people who are just thinking about doing self-injury. Well, in my case the pics got me back to self-injuring… So, well, hmm…

Carolann writes:

I am a “self injurer” a “cutter” but not anything like what is shown on your website. My tiny scars were made for taking out my pain just as well as everyone who has visited your site. But the pictures, I don’t know how to explain because I can see how at first they may be triggering to those who cut which is a horrible thing to do but then if you look deeper into the site and the pictures, what I saw made me sick to my stomach. To the point where it’s beyond triggering. It was disgusting. I don’t mean that as saying these people who can do this are disgusting and I’m not saying I pity them either. It’s just so horrible to see it that it hurts. I know what it’s like to cut my leg, my arm, my wrist, but your site has pushed it a little too far. Maybe it’s good for people and maybe it’s not. I hope for all the people with the pictures posted that it does help them to share so they don’t destroy themselves any further.

Lizzie writes:

I found the pictures on the website incredibly helpful. I can quite easily see how people can find them sick, but as someone who is trying to avoid going back to that way of life, when I look at the pictures I can shock myself out of doing it. The pain obviously isn’t there but I manage to get the adrenaline rush out of it, similar to that of cutting. Therefore, I have been through quite a few events that would usually have made me cut without so much as a scratch. Thank you loads.

Brooklyn writes:

OK, I realize you’ve probably heard enough about this already, but since the pictures are still up, I feel the need to be heard. Pictures are triggering! It’s sick! I am a recovering self-injurer. When I see those pictures I just want to do it again really bad. I realize it’s my own fault for looking, but still, cutters have a tendency to be self destructive and therefore may look at triggering pictures even when they shouldn’t. You aren’t helping anyone. If someone wants to know that they arent the only one out there, they can read about other people’s experiences. However, no details about the actual self harm. Those are also triggering. How about, oh, healthy coping methods? That would be a nice change. These people are hurting. Don’t make it worse for them. One person said that it helped prevent SI for people who were “considering” it. I’m sorry, but most people don’t consider cutting. It usually just happens… If a picture of a cut makes a person not cut then they’re retarded for not realizing what happens when you slash yourself. OK, I’m sorry, I’m rambling. I realize that no one will read this. Right now I don’t care. It just really pisses me off when people put things like that on the net. I thought we wanted to promote healthy choices? Even if it triggers one person, isn’t that bad enough?

Jay writes:

Why do you have pictures up on the website? It’s only glorifying the act of “cutting”. The majority of kids who “cut” are doing it for attention in the first place. This is only encouraging them. I don’t see how this supports anyone.

Babyelephant writes:

I’ve been debating with myself whether to e-mail in some of my opinions about the picture section on for a while, and finally after seeing Felicity’s comments I have come to the conclusion that maybe I should, as I am clearly not the only person against these horrific photos.

To me they induce competitiveness. Seeing how bad some of the people’s self induced injuries are can cause feelings that yours aren’t ‘big enough’ or ‘deep enough’. As an ex self injurer myself whilst in the midst of my self harming days looking at the pictures made me want to do it worse, made me think ‘I can bleed that much without dying?’ Which are obviously the kind of thoughts which shouldn’t be happening and, consequently, invoked more cutting.

The pictures also made me feel sick and upset that people were injuring themselves to that extent. I have a friend online who also self injures and she too felt sick and very upset after viewing these pictures.

To me this is just not a safe site to be on when you’re feeling depressed in any way. I’m begging you, please take the pictures down before they cause more hurt.

Godsmartian writes:

I wouldn’t sat that I am a heavy cutter or that I did it for a long time. But I did. I cut. I don’t want to and I’m trying not to anymore. I’ve gone five months without cutting and that’s the longest for me. I came to this site and saw the pictures and I don’t ever want to look like that. So in a weird freaky kind of way thanks.

Lelu writes:

I enjoy the picture section. I don’t know if enjoy is the proper word I should use, however, the pictures have helped me a lot. It helps me realize when I look at everyone that I am not alone and that there are so many others just like me, that hurt worse than me that make me feel saddened and makes me want to try and stop and help them try and stop as well. If people find the images triggering, they should not look at them.

Alix writes:

I would just like to thank you and all the people that have sent in their pictures. I know this is going to sound disgusting and wrong, but they really help. I cut because I like to look at the wounds, so looking at these pictures has really helped me to stop cutting as much as I used to. Thank you again.

Nils writes:

I want to comment on the photo section and strongly agrees with Felicity. Arguments about that “you dont have to look” does not apply on people that injure themselves, since they’re beyond rational thinking as you may call it. No matter if you put these pictures up for fame or to help others, some people will, even is subconsinous, see it as a challenge and it becomes a competition, even if a not inteded and rational one. This is a behaviour/phenomenon that I have met many times and the mere risk that this might happen should be argument enought to take the section down. If some people feel better by seeing those pictures, because they feel theyre not alone, wouldn’t stories be enough? Or maybe can people per email request pictures and explain why, that would certainly put at least some of the more unstable candidates off.

And yes, if it is of any consequence, I have been a self injurer myself, some years ago, with over 500 scars to testify about it, if this makes my arguments any stronger. And I must say that I have never in any way found it helpful during my recovery to get graphical (nor any others for that matter) reminders about the past.

Nada writes:

I was browsing the web for info on my problem “cutting” and I found yours. I am not sure the point of sharing pics with others. I would think that it might some people who are very impressoinable to try and outdo the people’s injuries on the website. After viewing some of these people’s pics I could only think about someone thinking that people like Pen Cap Man and others are someone to idolize. Do you see where I am going with this?

Bram writes:

I just wanted say after reading several of the comments people had made about pictures of scars and fresh cuts being up on the website, that I think the pictures are a good thing.

It’s true that some of them are triggering, in fact a few of them have triggered for me, but others help me a lot. The really bad ones make me want to stop, because I don’t want to ever get that bad. The old scars help me, because I see that they do fade over time.

My scars are not that bad in my opinion, but they are much worse than some of the ones I have seen online, and I would like to send in my own pictures once I get hold of a camera. I feel that mine would cause some people to turn away from SI, and cause others to feel like they aren’t alone. That makes me feel good about myself, and that’s a feeling that I don’t often get to experience, so it helps me as well. Having so many pictures in their archives lets people know that there so many other people out there that are just like them.

They may trigger some people some of the time, but I think that they help far more.

Jeana writes:

As a person trying to explain this often misunderstood condition that I suffer from it is extremely frustrating to come to a site that has an array of useful information but is overshadowed by graphic and disturbing images.

As the site owner you have not only a responsibility to self-injurers, but to their families and friends online who look for information, to provide an accurate picture of what self injury is.

It is not self mutilation, it is not a cry for attention, and it is certainly not something that most like to show off and or glamorize. As a former self injurer your images are not only extremely triggering but cause more harm than good when spreading the message about self injury. It is as if you’re promoting it through pictures. “Hey look, this is what I did.” Not to mention that family members and friends of people like me would visit this site wanting information and come away with an outrageous picture of what really happens and that we like to somehow glamorize or call attention to it.

Please take down your photo section. I understand that you receive positive comments but they are heavily outweighed by people like myself who find them distracting to the ultimate message of self injury.

saod writes:

First of all, I have seen every single picture on this site. I find them addictive to look at. However, some were rather triggering. I love the pictures, but I don’t think they help. Maybe the pictures of old scars could help people see what will happen to them, but I don’t think the bloody ones will do anything positive. Seeing the pictures did make me want to cut deeper. I’m sure others have different reactions.

Felicity sent me this update to her original comments:

You might remember me — I wrote a somewhat infamous comment (at least, judging from the comments I still get and the responses people still write about my words on your site). I wrote those words three years ago and have, I hope, grown a lot in that time. I’m sure you get thousands of e-mails a week from people, so I’ll keep this one brief.

I’d like the chance to update my comments and would appreciate it if you could assist me in doing this.

First of all, I have to say that I still strongly disagree in having photographs such as the ones you have on your site grouped together where mentally unstable people can easily view them. I think that especially for people who are trying to quit cutting, they do more harm than good — depressed people are famous for their low self-esteem and bad self-image, and I believe these pictures make many people feel inadequate even at hurting themselves. I’ve spent enough time with extremely sick people to know they do not think in the normal manner and as bizarre/offensive/incorrect as people might think it is, many SIers feed off of seeing these images — they learn new techniques, brag amongst themselves, and generally make things worse for their illness.

On the other side, I applaud what your site is trying to do. You are raising awareness about an epidemic which is destroying young people every day. When I started cutting, there were no sites, not forums, not “support” groups on-line — and I’m sure a lot of people, at that time, would have thought I was pretty damn weird. But the mental health profession has know about SI for a long time and continues to address its effects on the lives of people everywhere. You are, I do believe, helping with that.

But what makes this site, these images, any better than those of accident victims on a site like Do you truly believe that friends and family need to see pictures of bleeding arms and blistered skin to understand what SI is? Do you think that just because they don’t see it on the arms and legs and midriffs of their sons, daughters, partners, and friends, that they will refuse to believe it happens?

How many e-mails do you get from people who are not SIers thanking for your educating them with these pictures? Do you ever feel guilty about the fact that you know (and you do know) these pictures have inspired mentally unstable people to cut deeper or burn longer?

You are not qualified to make decisions about what will help or harm people, no matter how much personal experience you have with SI. You are not a doctor or a therapist and you do not understand the impact of what you do any more than the people whose images you so blindly help to portray.

Are the people you help worth the people you hurt? Wouldn’t it be better to take the non-controversial and undeniably helpful aspects of your site and build them, instead of feeding into the sick, voyeuristic, masochistic needs of some mentally ill people?

You are not helping by perpetuating this cycle of sickness.

Thank you for your time,

Louise writes:

Dear psyke and equlibrium,

I have just viewed both your sites and feel compelled to comment.

I am one of the founders and former chair of National Self-Harm Network, co-author of three publications on self-harm, self-management and harm-minimisation and have been campaigning for the last fifteen years. I am currently part of a research team looking at the potential for advocacy in A&E for adults presenting with self-harm. I’ve always had great respect for the work of organisations such as Bristol Crisis Service for Women, Basement, 42nd Street.

I am however utterly mortified by both your sites. I have spent years speaking at conferences and in training sessions for health professionals attempting to counter derogatory language and medical stereotypes such as “attention seeking”. Sometimes people in Accident & Emergency are subject to clinicians wanting photographs of peoples wounds for no clinical reasons whatsoever.

Through my association with Mental Health Media I have always sought to fight against gratuitous images of self-harm which serve only to reinforce medical stereotypes of people who self-harm (I’m not a “cutter” or self-harmer, I’m a person first, and by the way I’m forty this year, do show me your research which marks out thirty as the magical stopping age). Photos of injuries educates noone, harm-minimisation (anatomy/physiology/first-aid/safer self-harm) certainly does offer a useful tool but I am saddened to see sites promoting medical pornography.

As for cutting occuring for “two reasons”, “pain or sight of blood”, I am speechless, that’s akin to an orthopaedist saying that there are only two ways of breaking your leg, falling off a stool or down the stairs. My reasons don’t come into either of your stated categories.

I expected better of my peers.

Louise Pembroke

Vix writes:

Why are there pictures on this site? I moderate two forums for sufferers of self-harm and suchlike, as well as running a website for the same thing, and we refuse to let people post pictures of their self-injury as we all find it tasteless and triggering. It doesn’t help people, just distresses them, and it makes me feel sick to think that there are sites out there that do.

I don’t mean to condemn you and I know you have the freedom to post the pictures that people send you, but why risk people being triggered in the first place?

It’s irresponsible and unnecessary.


Lauren writes:

I found your site really great… and disturbing. From a different perspective, I was a cutter, but not too into it. I saw your site and was so shocked by the photos, that I decided to stop. I’ve also shown it to friends who were considering cutting, and after seeing the pictures, decided not to. So hey, this site can prevent SI too.

Heather writes:

I know you have most likely gotten more then enough comments regarding Felicity and her comments, but I feel like I have to say this. I don’t know Felicity and I won’t judge her, but she has no right whatsoever to tell the owner of this site what should and should not be allowed on it. Her words about putting pictures up to be famous seem ignorant and it is those kind of ideas that make people hide their cutting. It’s bad enough to be crucified by non-cutters no one needs someone who should know what it is all about to judge us. The comment about how some will have a contest over who can go deeper and such, truly made me sick. Also, self-harm and self-mutilation is very much the same thing. Mutilation is mutilating one’s body, it can be earrings or just to let the pain out. Many people harm themselves with obsessive piercing, burns, pulling out their hair, cutting banging or break bones, etc. I think it is Felicity who doesn’t know anything instead of the owner of this site.

Ugly Angel writes:

Well, I came here because I felt like SI’ing and I viewed the pics because I felt like SI’ing and I am going to go and SI because I just learned about using aerosols and setting those alight, because aerosols don’t work alone on my hardened skin anymore and I found a couple of other tips and tricks, too. So thank you very much for giving me all the methods I need to really hurt myself. I’m not joking. I’m not trying to discourage your site. I really did learn a lot.

Anastasia writes:

I just recently found out I have a friend who has been a self-mutilator/ self-harmer for years now, so I got on the web to find pictures of self-mutilators/self-harmers and this is the only site I found… Now I don’t know if this is good or bad. This is like setting an open bottle of booze in front of an alcoholic or telling the alcoholic there is an open bottle of booze in the other room. Some of these photos appear to be wannabe self-mutilators/self-harmers vs the truly mentally ill. Either way, this whole site needs deep professional counseling and President Bush needs to save some of that billions he is sending to rebuild iraq and help all those who do this to themselves. Either way wannabes or deeply mentally ill, you need professional help and you must no matter what seek it. I never knew there was this much or this kind of hurt out there in the world. This is truly truly sad. And I have been doing research on this and now enrolling in college classes. I truly feel this is an epidemic of deeply emotionally hurt children. I pray for all of you every night.

Nicky writes:

I was so happy to have found this site. Having lived in silence for so many years I was over the moon to find this site. People like me, I thought, I’m not alone. However, I have to agree with Alex and Felicity on their views from the pictures. This is not going to do anyone any good. I know others have said well don’t look, but it’s not as easy as that and you know it. It doesn’t take much to trigger someone. Images bring back memories more so than stories. The stories are from the heart and contain emotion, the pictures I feel are unnecessary and dangerous. I began self harming when I was in a very fragile state and it was because of another self harmer who was almost proud of what she did that got me started. She would tell me how good it made her feel and how it got rid of her stress, gave me tips, so I thought what the hell, I’ll give it a go. Like an addiction I couldn’t stop. You see how easy it is when your vulnerable. Vulnerable people will be looking at this site. Please be a little more responsible.

It’s sad that we all go through this and it’s such a lonely thing to live with, but some of those pictures are making it seem OK. I’m not saying be ashamed about it, that’s something I’ve been trying so hard not to be, but we can’t say “hey, look at this, look what I do”. Talk, share your feelings and experiences, but just don’t show us what else we could do.

This site has probably helped so many people, it’s the most practical and realistic site I’ve ever found. But please, please, remember why we all come to this site and think about what harm you could be doing with those pictures. Not all self harmers have control over when, where and why they harm themselves. It could be something little to set us of or something very minor. We need help and support, not reminders.

Apart from that and of course respecting everyones opinion, this is a great site which has made me see things in a different way. I know I have a problem, but I’m with a lot of other people who all know how I’m feeling. Keep up the good work.

Sarah writes:

I just wanted to say that I found the pictures very helpful. I had been very triggered by some recent events in my life, and seeing them did two things for me. It reminded me of why I quit, and it also somehow gave me the same surreal feeling I get when I see my own wounds. I know that sounds crazy, but I thought I’d share.

Audrey writes:

Well, after reading Felicity’s opinion of the photos page, I respect her feelings, but she does not have to look at it. How many other pictures of self-injury are on the internet? None really. This is a place where self-injurers can feel not so alone — not a place to show off fresh scars. I feel as though I’m not a freak who cuts herself, when I see the other people who feel the same way I do.

Melina writes:

Firstly I have to say that I fully respect the opinions of everyone who writes in on this site.

However, those of you who are requesting that the pictures be taken down immediately are those who are only thinking of themselves and those immediately surrounding them. I urge you to think of the bigger picture. What about those self-harmers like myself who get on the internet and look at pictures as a way of coping? Personally, I find that looking at what someone else has done almost as calming as doing it myself. If these pictures were not available, my arms and legs would be the ones suffering. And I am sure that there are more people like me. There are enough warning signs up before you actually get to the pictures. If your friends are seeing them and getting triggered, then it is their own fault for pressing on in the first place, and there is nothing that you can do for them except encourage them to take heed of the warnings.

To the webmaster: Thank you for being one of the few sites who is open minded enough to realise that some people use these pictures as a deterrent and that they are vital to our continued struggle to keep alive.

Stevn writes:

I would like to agree with Felicity. My friends are self harmers and they look at this site for fun. The pictures are horrible and make my friends cut more. Please take them down, she’s right!

Mary writes:

I can honestly say I’ve never come across anything so disturbing in all life. I’m 21 years old, I started hurting myself a long time ago, I will not mention how I am not going to give anyone any ‘tips’. I have a lot of friends with horrendous scars and a few myself, I cannot possibly imagine how you could think these pictures can help anyone. What worries me most is that a lot of the pictures contain images of new cuts and fresh blood, it’s as if these people are hurting themselves just so they can send the pictures onto you. When I hurt myself I can gaurantee the last thing on my mind is ‘I must take a picture of this’.

The world of self-injury is a competitive one, I am concerned that an individual may come across these pictures, decide their scars/cuts are not severe enough and embark on an all out self destruct mission.

Given, the pictures may help some people but they are extremely graphic and could do with being toned down, if you just limited the pictures to scars maybe, as I said my concern are the obvious fresh cuts.

You probably won’t think twice about what I’ve said but I wanted to get my views out there.

An anonymous visitor writes:

The pics are so comforting. This site is the only place I can come and not be a freak.

Louise writes:

I’ve just been visiting on and found that the self injury pictures there were very shocking. I am a self injurer and personally I don’t think it’s right for people to show their injuries on websites. Self injury is supposed to be a private thing. Well, it is for me anyway. I just think that posting pictures of scars and cuts are a way to get attention. The wrong kind of attention. Especially Kathrin’s pictures. I mean is it nessasary to show knives with blood on? I feel that these pictures could end up with someone trying to get a better wound. I dread to think of the outcome. I have a self injury website and no pictures of self injury are allowed there, as I want to have a safe website where all ages can come. I just don’t think it’s fair to boast about your scars as self injury is nothing to be proud of.

Hope I have not offended anyone.

Dane writes:

I think this site should get toned down on the graphic content because the stuff on there doesn’t help anyone, as a matter of fact it made me feel sick, and I don’t cut or hurt myself in any way intentionaly.

I don’t really support the habit, because it’s all a mind over matter thing, they do it because they want to, and by the look of the photos, they seem to wear them as badges and have them on display, that’s nothing to be proud of, honestly I would rather see these people end their pitty lives instead of showing the world how many fucked over people there are in it, I’m quite disgusted in this site, and I feel sorry for all the people that do it to themselves, but I have no pitty for the ones that do it for thrills or just through addiction or habit, I find that quite sick minded that somebody would go out of their way to wreck their personal image and have to wear it for the rest of their lives, which by the look of the size of those cuts, wouldn’t be very longer I can tell you, I would love to be funded a lot of money and start up a centre of some sort to help these people, I think it’s more disgusting and selfish than suicide, I hope all the people out there get my message, and don’t take it personally.

An anonymous visitor writes:

I am a new member to your site, and I am completely baffled at how you can claim to be a support group, and post those disgusting pictures! They’re incredibly triggering, and although you warn about safety and all, you are targeting to unstable people. I think your site needs to take a more positive spin on the issue, some of your forum discussions are very effective. I like the one where one member suggests posting positive things from the day. You definitely need to filter the postings a little more and not have the pics.

Kat writes:

Personally, I just read on the warning page about how Felicity thought that this was mutilation and not SI. And personally, coming from a cutter trying to stop, how could this site help anyone? This is all about self mutilation and wanting to get famous from mutilation. I think that this site is not about support. Have you looked at the pictures that you are hosting? That is not something anyone should be proud of.

I really do understand that you all are trying to help people, but I don’t think that you are doing anyone any good, and that this site should be taken down.

Annie writes:

Honestly this website makes me want to go try what these people have done. I want to cut all the flesh off my arm and see blood gush everywhere just so I can know mine are worse than the ones on this website. Not only do I want to cut every inch of my arm, but my whole body. I want to feel the blade against my muscle, and get that sharp pain flying through every inch of this lump I live in. I want blood to build up in my sink so that I can see it there like tomato soup or whatever. I don’t want it to drip, I want it to flow. I want it to flow so fast that even when I put my arm under the faucet I can still see the exact spot the stream of blood is coming from. I want the worst, most gruesome cuts anyone has ever seen. I want to win. That’s just how I feel.

An anonymous visitor writes:

I am an ex-cutter as well. It’s hard staying ‘clean’, but I find that the more I look at these pictures, the easier it is. If you are serious about getting better then those pictures should help. Just from looking, I am satisfied and slowly I lose the urge when things get rough. Also some of them scare the hell out of me because I remember it being that bad and I remember crying for days because I wanted it to stop so badly. I think these pictures help. Plus for those who feel they don’t, Psyke does have a paragraph of warning. So, *shrugs*, good luck to all…


1Survivor writes:

I don’t know why you find it necessary to show these pictures nor why anyone would want to post them. Also what kind of people would be attracted to look at them? I guess I don’t have much room to talk about that, since I obviously looked at them myself. Still, I think I might have a better reason than some since I am a counselor who by the way has a mental illness of his own. I don’t pretend to understand what it is like to be a self abuser (though I have felt like it many times over the years) but if I had I certainly would not want my picture on the net.

Natz writes:

I’ve just looked at the pictures of self harm on your site. I used to think I did it bad but now that I’ve seen that I feel squeamish. It hasn’t triggered me to do it though, which is good because I’m trying to stop (maybe). I just wanted to say thanks for putting those images online. It’s made me really stop and think about what I do and given me the chance to see how bad I could get. Thanks.

Woody agrees with Felicitys comments:

This is some sick, sick stuff you’ve posted here! I don’t see any reason whatsoever to post the pictures on this site; how is any person helped by having pictures here to remind them of their misery?

You had me thinking this site is legit; helping people who self-injure — not so!

I believe you have the pictures here to get your cookies!

Take them down; Felicity wants them down too!

Ragdoll (website) writes:

Why do you have a section for pictures of self injury? I cannot understand why such an official looking site would do this.

Do you want to trigger people? Do you want someone to look at these pictures and feel that their own self injury isn’t “good enough”, so they must cut more? It seems like it would spur a sick competition to me.

I can’t see any reason why you would want these pictures on your site.

Desirée writes:

I know I’m just some passer by of your site. But I need to say something. Those pictures — although there is a warning — are sick. I am a cutter. And I was looking through here, looking for someone to relate to. Something to make me feel comfortable. To keep me safe. And those pictures are not what I wanted to see. Yes, I did make the personal choice to look at them, but that’s just wrong to have them there. If you know they’re triggering for people, why put them up? That’s just like how the pro-anorexia sites have pictures of girls. It’s the exact same thing. Saying, “look at how bad this one is… can you do better (worse)?” It’s a sick game that people get caught up in. I don’t know if you realize, but there are little kids out there. Babies. 13, 14 years old. Sometimes 10 or 11. Searching the web trying to find help. And those pictures aren’t helpful. That is one of the most sick things I’ve seen. I don’t know if I’d say triggering for me. But I know people who it would trigger. And I don’t think it was very smart to put them up there. It’s like beautifying the act of injurying yourself. It’s not beautiful. It’s sad. Terrifying. It breaks you in two. It’s not something to put into pictures to display to the whole world as a prized possession. Just some food for thought.

Jade sent me this response to Felicitys comments:

I’m writing to you after having read Felicity’s email. For some people the pictures may be ‘harmful’, I personally have never met anyone else who was affected negatively by them. While I’m wanting to respect Felicity’s opinion and her reaction I am forced to whole-heartedly disagree.

I also am a recovering self-injurer, I however was infinitely helped by these living testaments to the fact that we are not alone. There is no way that I could have gone this long without cutting without this site, especially the pictures page.

A printed out picture of Richey James (who was brought up in her email in a somewhat derogatory way!) is what brought me to this website in the first place. I would like to both thank you for this site and that particular page as well as request that that page not be taken down. There is a warning and the requirement to obtain a password, which is plenty to safeguard those who wish to veiw the pictures, with the exception of those who would use the motivation which could possibly be induced as a subconscious excuse to do what they would do anyways. If someone finds it triggering the first time they go to it, they will know its effects.

I am also horribly offended by the comment that people who would add pictures of themselves are just wanting to be famous. That comment is sickeningly close to the one that I’ve been having to deal with for years, that people who self injure are just wanting attention. While I personally have added no pictures of myself I have complete respect for the decision (and bravery to expose this social taboo) of those who did contribute.

I don’t think that this site is just well-intentioned, I believe it’s truly helpful in many different ways to many different people.


Alex agrees with Felicity:

I’m sorry but I really must concur with what Felicity said about your image archive.

Fair enough to have pictures that people who post or use the site have voluntarily submitted to you, but I cannot agree with the use of the celebrity images. Certain images, in particular the archived Torso section, appear to be glamour images and that really does send out the wrong message.

Nobody is trying to say that cutting is ‘Wrong’, but I think most people would agree when I say that it should not be considered at all glamourous.

You are aware that sensitive poeple can be suggestible and I think that Felicity is right when she says that certain images — in particular glamorous representations of self-injury — can trigger competitive attitudes. I know because it was one of the encouraging elements that really boosted my problem when I was younger.

But anyway, I just thought I should let you know how I feel; please don’t think that I mean any disrespect or that I dislike what your page is doing. Apart from that minor quibble, everything is pretty much top notch.


An anonymous visitor sent me this:

I’m not sure what to say, but those pictures really did it for me (self injury). I never knew I wasn’t alone. I have a number of cigarette scars on my arms and cut my arms with razor blades until I’d reach the bone (shoulder only). I stitched them all up myself using thread and sewing needle. I have pretty much all the crap; anorexia, self injury and attempted suicides. I dont know why I haven’t been able to die. Maybe some part of me wants to like me even though I’m a fat, ugly cow. I don’t know. Gotta go. Talking about this is no good for me I think.

Felicity has these comments:

I’m writing to ask you, as an ex-cutter and a person still dealing with the effects of self-injury in my life, to please take down the pictures you have on your website. They help no cutter or cutter’s friend to understand what happens. Instead, they inspire sick, twisty feelings of inadequacy and self-pity, which, in turn, may lead to deeper, worse cuts, and a desire not to stop because “Hey, maybe I can get my cuts on that site and be famous like Richey James.” You’re making the problem worse, not better.

And another thing: Some of your links have nothing to do with self-injury. Instead, they deal with self-mutilation, which, if you actually knew something, you would realize is different from self-injury. Self-mutilation is done to achieve a cosmetic effect. It includes self-piercing, among other things.

Sort things out. I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but I feel you’re making it harder for self-injurers to stop and get help.


Jades response to Felicity.

Jessica Clark sent me this:

Hello. I suppose I should introduce myself in order to give you a little background information so as to understand this email a little more clearly. My name is Jessica Clark and I am an 18-year-old recovered/ing self-injurer. I have been struggling with severe depression for over four years now and have gone through the therapy/medication process on more than one level. I was an avid member of an online depression support group for three years as well as helping run a second emotional/mental disorder support group for over a year. I have studied depression and self-injury as well as a multitude of other emotional/mental disorders at great depth and am currently planning on mastering in psychology at university.

I recently followed a link from an online acquaintance’s website to your site. Needless to say I was very, very displeased by your use of imagery on the site. Please allow me to explain myself.

For three years now I have been struggling to help wipe out the taboo of self-injury online as well as in my own hometown. The reasoning being that many people of all ages suffer from this horrible affliction in silence for fear of being seen as ‘freaks’ etc. to help people (both self-injurers and nonself-injurers) better understand this disorder I have striven to share information, personal stories, and tears with both the sufferers and their families. When I stumbled across your site I was absolutely pleased to find another good resource until I realised that a huge amount of the information on your site is merely photographs of cuts/burns/injuries in the form of SI.

Now, I’ve always believed in not censoring things, especially concerning SI, depression, etc. But did it ever occur to you that a self-injurer may stumble across your site in their pursuit of better understanding their affliction and be ‘triggered’ by your imagery? I know that at one point in time when I was at the depth of my depression seeing those images would have given me the inclination to injure myself at least as severely as the injuries depicted. It would have been a validation that I was doing it ‘right’. I know many, many self-injurers that would feel the same way.

The fact of the matter is you don’t need the photos in order to teach people about SI. You especially don’t need the number of photos that you have posted. I understand that censorship should not be an option, and I agree, but blatant showing off of self-injury and the attempt to jade people to it is also not an option. If a parent trying to learn about self-injury to better understand what their daughter/son was going through after finding out that their daughter/son was, indeed, injuring themselves those photos would strike panic and horror in them. It would not help them to better grasp the situation. Instead it would force them into being protective, overbearing, and in lack understanding which is everything we are fighting against. On the flip-side if someone visited your site and saw that, perhaps, their son and daughter were not extremists in their form of self-injury they may believe the situation does not call for attention as urgently as it does. Neither of these reactions are acceptable, yet you leave a huge chance for them to occur based on the information you have on your site.

I’m not asking you to take your photos down, nor am I demanding a warning although I believe that the photo page does deserve one. I’m just hoping that you are offering this information for the right reasons and that you will consider all that I have said.

I thank you for your time.

PS: Something I meant to say in the earlier email that slipped my mind - the cuts, burns, scratches, injuries, hair-pulling rashes, stab wounds, etc. They’re merely the symptoms. We can’t focus on the symptoms or treat them. We need to focus on whatever is causing the symptoms. Having photos of the symptoms isn’t going to help people realize that they are not what they need to divert their attention to. It clouds the point.

CapturedSoul writes:

Those pics are incredible! I really wish that I had a scanner so I could send you mine! They’re great. Keep that site updated.

Nin sent me this:

As a self-harmer for some time I was interested to come across your site, however I felt the part which showed photos of self-harm injuries to be very traumatic and unnecessary. Why do you feel the need to add these images to your site? Surely they will just promote more people to harm and give some people ideas to harm when they may not have thought of doing so before. Also it’s not a fashion statement so I resented the photos of Richey James up there too!

Jennifer LeBlanc sent me this:

My name is Jennifer and I’ve been a cutter for a few years and it has total control over my life. I wake up, think cutting, sleep cutting. My life is like the quote by Winona Ryder in Girl Interupted: “You miss the train, you kill yourself, you like the movie, you live.” (Along those lines.) Anyways since I’ve been seeing a therapist my mode of thinking has gotten worse. Even though I do not cut anymore I still think it a lot. I’ve been to your website a lot and I download all the pictures because it gives me a sense of relief. I miss the high you get with it. I know this method of relief is becomming very popular and most say that persons that suffer from abuse are the ones who most likley cut, but I live in a very loving home; no abuse. I have a good job. Well I guess this letter is a little thank you for having a site that gives me a little relief.


Jennifer sent me this:

Tell me: Why do you have photos available on your website? Is your purpose to counsel and help or to trigger the unfortunate people who already suffer from this affliction?

I have a niece who has entrusted me with the knowledge that she has a self-injury problem, and informed me of your site. Frankly, I do not see any help in offering graphic photos of persons who have obviously inflicted fresh flesh wounds! It is rather like a site for alcoholics that offer pages upon pages of differing kinds of alcohol in ice cold condensating bottles!

Please, do tell me the logic behind this seemingly sick form of support. The whole notion rather escapes me. If you do not respond, I shall think you just a sick individual who aims to coax young disadvantaged persons into cutting themselves and sending you a photo. I find it very outrageous.


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