Contributing Content

If you would like to contribute content to the site, you have two options: E-mail it to me, or upload it to your homepage.

General Information

Please indicate clearly what name you want your contribution posted under.

Please stick to plain text files when submitting stories and poetry. While I have software for opening most document formats, anything besides plain text files is a pain to work with.

If you are e-mailing or uploading archives with multiple files, please stick to .zip, .tar and .gz. I can open other archive formats but as with weird document formats, they are a pain to work with.

I generally spellcheck all contributions and make minor grammatical corrections to improve readability. You can help by spellchecking your contribution before submitting it. If a contribution looks like it’s going to need major editing it will be put at the bottom of the pile and might take a while to appear on the site.

Contribute via E-mail

Attach the content to an e-mail and send it to

Contribute via your Homepage

Upload the content to your homepage and e-mail me the address along with any additional information.


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