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The Open Directory Project has a self injury category.


  • Secret Shame – A respected and very comprehensive site. As far as I know, this is one of the oldest sites dealing with self injury. This is also the home of the Bodies Under Siege mailing list.
  • Self Injury Awareness Movement – S.I.A.M. is setting up online support for suicide and self injury. Be sure to visit the online shop.
  • S.I.A.R.I. (Self-Injury & Related Issues) – UK counsellor and author’s site seeks to raise public awareness of self-injury and related issues (abuse, trauma, eating disorders, dissociation and borderline personality disorder), and to serve as a forum for self-injurers and their supporters.
  • Self-Injury, Abuse and Trauma Directory – An extensive one-stop listing of self-injury, abuse and trauma resources on the Web. Edited by UK counsellor and author. Frequently updated.
  • Self-Injury: A Struggle – Gabrielle’s collection of SI resources.
  • The Self Injury Anthology Project – A collection of references to self injury in popular culture (books, movies, television, etc.).
  • Can’t Shout, Can’t Scream – A self injury zine. Currently 8 issues online.
  • SI — the Secret Pain – One of my recent favorites. Includes the author’s story, coping tips and poetry.
  • APA Diagnostic Classification DSM-IV-TR – Online reprint of part of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
  • The Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection – A big collection of links to pamphlets on subjects ranging from alcohol abuse to traumatic events.
  • Self Injury – Part of Gordon Houghton’s site.
  • MadNOTBad – […] the realm of the mental health ‘Service User’ and those close to them — the carer, family or friend.
  • Anna Paterson – Very good personal site on eating disorders.
  • Damaged Minds – DM is a website for those who find living in this world more difficult than most. For those who question their own sanity. For those who sit in the dark and cry. For those minds with the damaged barcodes that are unreturnable.
  • End All the Pain – Vicki’s site has information on self injury, eating disorders and drug addiction.

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