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Unhappy at home, Nancy and her friend Katie adopt punk lifestyles and find relief in cutting themselves, until Nancy is forced to confront her problems.

From the Cover

Nancy and Katie are best friends with one big thing in common: they both cut themselves. They don’t cut by accident; they do it purposely. And they don’t talk about why they do it. Soon Nancy realizes that she and Katie need cutting to get through the day.

Nancy can cover the scars on her arms and legs. It’s the others, the ones inside, that are becoming hard to hide.

Further Reading

An excerpt from Crosses is available at

Shelley Stoehr has written an article for the winter 1997 issue of The Alan Review: Controversial Issues in the Lives of Contemporary Young Adults.

Safety Pin Girl conducted an e-mail interview with Shelley on January 29th 1999. This copy of the interview was taken from the Google cache since Safety Pin Girl’s site is no longer up.

Reader Comments

Amy writes:

I really loved the book, Crosses. My friend told me to read it one night and I said “I hate reading… but what book?” And she told me, Crosses. I said to her, “what is it about? Jesus?” She said “no, just read the first paragraph really quick and tell me what you think!” So I began to read and after the first three words, “we cut ourselves” I slammed the book shut and said, “I’ll give it back to you on monday!” I have never been so interested in a book to read it in three days. […] Before I finished reading the book, there were times when things got frustrating and I wanted to cut myself, but I picked up your book instead because I try to stop myself from doing it but I just feel like I need to. And I related to the character Katie so much.

Madison writes:

It’s odd, her books pretty much describe my life: I’m punk, I cut (but I’m stopping) and I’m bi, I have a crush on one of my friends too.

Naddaly writes:

I read a really good book. It’s called “Crosses” by Shelley Stoehr. It’s about this chick called Nancy who smokes and cuts and drinks and steals and uses. One day she was in a bathroom cutting herself, smoking, and drinking and then in walks Katie. Katie sees her and automatically they click. They’re bestest friends and they do everything together. It’s really an awesome book, I recommend it for your book lists.

Kat writes:

I read the book ‘Crosses’. It was a wonderful book. Some parts I cried (the first book to ever make me cry). It was so much like me. I could actually relate to it. I recommend this book to anyone who hasn’t read the book.




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