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Cut Patricia McCormick

Fifteen-year old Callie is so withdrawn that she’s not speaking to anyone — including her therapist at Sea Pines, known to its guests as ‘Sick Minds’ — the residential treatment facility where her parents and doctor send her after discovering that she cuts herself. Her story unfolds primarily through dramatic monologues, gradually revealing the family turmoil that led to her self-destructive behaviour. More…

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Crosses Shelley Stoehr

Unhappy at home, Nancy and her friend Katie adopt punk lifestyles and find relief in cutting themselves, until Nancy is forced to confront her problems. More…

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The Bell Jar

The Bell Jar Sylvia Plath

A student from Boston wins a guest editorship on a national magazine, and finds a new world at her feet. Her New York life is crowded with possibilities, so the choice of future is overwhelming. She is faced with the perennial problems of morality, behaviour and identity. More…

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Collected Poems

Collected Poems Sylvia Plath

Containing everything that celebrated poet Sylvia Plath wrote after 1956, this is one of the most comprehensive collections of her work. Edited, annotated, and with an introduction by Ted Hughes. More…

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A collection of poems woven together to tell the story of a journey from child abuse and self-injury towards healing. Published for fellow survivors, those who self-injure, healing professionals, and anyone interested in understanding, preventing and healing the various forms of child abuse and self-injury.

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Pure / A Certain Age

Pure / A Certain Age Rebbecca Ray

A coming-of-age novel which provides an account of adolescence and its trials and tribulations, including: parents, first love, first sexual encounters, school and friends. More…

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Afraid of the Dark

Afraid of the Dark Michelle Devlin

Ali Connery, a 29 year old married woman, has been afraid of the dark her whole life. She finally agrees to see a therapist to begin facing and dealing with the cause of her fears and nightmares. After crying through most of the first session, she realizes therapy is the only way she’s going to be able to overcome those fears and work through her recurrent depression. As the therapy progresses Ali begins to confront the affects of the sexual abuse that was heaped on her during childhood and followed her into adulthood. More…

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The Luckiest Girl in the World

The Luckiest Girl in the World Steven Levenkron

Katie Roskova appears to be the luckiest girl in the world, but inwardly she suffers. Unable to express her feelings outwardly, Katie begins to secretly wound herself, but as the pressures mount, her self-inflicted wounds become more serious, and she can no longer hide them from others. More…

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