Affirmations for People who Self-Harm

From Self-Harm Overcome by Understanding and Tolerance (SHOUT), Original location

Affirmations are positive, caring messages for us to give ourselves. Most people who self-harm tell themselves a lot of negative and painful things. Affirmations can be good things to say to yourself to help you feel a bit better. You can also write them up on the wall to look at during hard times. What you need to say to yourself is different at different times. Here are some we have written and hope are useful; you could write some for yourself too.

  • My feelings are real and important and need to be listened to.
  • There are good reasons for the pain I feel. But it doesn’t have to last forever. I deserve to have the support I need to get over the things that have hurt me.
  • When I feel bad or guilty or dirty, that’s how I have been made to feel by things that have happened in my life. It’s not the truth about me.
  • I am a real, worthwhile, good person who deserves to be respected and cared about.
  • In my heart of hearts, I know what I feel and what I need. I can trust and respect myself. I can stand up for what is right for me.
  • I have suffered more than enough in my life. I can have some kindness now. I don’t deserve to be hurt anymore.

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