Alternatives to Self Harm

Unknown author

As many psychologists will tell you there are many more constructive ways to relieve tension other than self harm. However if some are suggested to a person who self harms they may think that you are being patronising so be careful. There follows a list of recommended alternatives to self harm, suggested by people who self harm themselves.

  • Using face paints to paint where they usually hurt themselves.
  • Drawing and painting what they feel inside is easier than expressing it in words.
  • Tearing up newspapers. This uses up a lot of strength and anger.
  • Playdoh can take a lot of anger out of a person and can be remoulded and used again. This keeps the person entertained and using their hands, thus helping to take their mind off their problems.
  • Bottlebanks are a great way to smash glass when the need arises, but in a safe environment.

There are many more but these are recommended by self harmers and so they do not seem as patronising as those recommended by people with authority.


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