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14 Yr Old

Hey what can I say; everyone will be able to see what I say (ignore bad spellings) so I’m guessing after I send this I’ll think of so much more I want to say. Mine isn’t really a story. More of a short speech with a little of what I feel within it. I hope it opens people’s eyes to the suffering that is happening within the world. It starts like this:

My mum once said to my cat as she was walking out of the small child’s bedroom which had been mine for years “she doesn’t want anything Purdy” referring to me. My mother climbed down the stairs and disappeared from earshot. I stood as I thought of everything I did want. I didn’t want the latest toy that was newly out on the telly. I didn’t want that excellent new track of the latest pop idol, the little black top I saw when shopping, or the cool new jeans my best mate just got for 500! I wanted the simplest things. Things that people get in their every day lives; but things I knew I didn’t have and probably from the fault of my own. Things such as a smile that shows someone cares as you walk into the room. A hug even when you haven’t had one for 6 weeks.

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15 Year Old

I know that I’m not perfect and I know that I never can be. I don’t want anything from whoever is reading this as I know that that is impossible but I would like to be heard. No one listens to me in this house they are too wound up in what is happening in their lives I don’t blame them really I’m nothing special. I’m lost in a world that doesn’t want to accept me and that I am scared of. I am only 15 and already I have seen a lot more than most and things that I have nightmares about and still cry over, it haunts me and I don’t know how to stop hurting anymore. Everyone I trust seems to throw it back in my face so I decided I cant trust anyone I won’t so therefore I cannot love, that is the best way to be for me as I can’t bear to be hurt again it’s too hard for me. Everyday for 4 years I have had to watch my mother getting thinner and lose her mind and sanity. I have had to come home to find that she has taken another overdose and is back in hospital, then when I go see her I have to see her not even be able to talk to me or just to be rolling around the floor trying to get up. Then when I can’t hug her instead of saying sorry for putting you through this she says “thanks for all your support” how am I supposed to react say oh well done mum there’s another one to add to my memories or well done mum you didn’t succeed this time but maybe next time, yeah?

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