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My name is Zakk Miller. I am sixteen, and have been cutting for around four years on and off. Sometimes I can go months without even thinking about it but recently it has been getting much worse. I only ever cut in places that people won’t see, I hate the idea of people seeing my weakness. Also this is my pain, so I can rationalise what is going on in my skull. I can’t let people see it. To be honest there are so many reasons why I cut myself, it helps on many different levels.

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I am sixteen, and have been cutting/burning since I was eight. Here’s my life story. My parents divorced when I was two. My mom got together with an abusive boyfriend who used to hit me and molest my older sister until I was seven. One day I found him choking my sister to death in the kitchen, and I started screaming something about the cops, he dropped her. I was seven. My mom, my sister Zoe and I moved in with my mom’s friend from college.

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