Icky Izzy

Almost Numb

Copyright Icky Izzy

Six o’clock. I wake up. I get dressed slowly, and wait on the corner for that ugly chrome yellow beast to come barreling up the street. I get on the bus, and sit in middle seat. Away from the back where the pompous “cool” kids sit. And away from the front where the screechy loud little kids dwell. I sit and lean against the window. I look at the sky, dark gray, streaks of lightning flash, loud thunder booms low in the sky. I look at the slick black streets. I look at the rain drops. I don’t feel anything, I’m almost numb. I slip my headphones on and put in my mix and listen to Siouxsie and the Banshees. 7:05 the bus arrives at the prison (school). Kids rush to their friends. I walk to the hall where my classmates roam blindly. I pass them and go to the bathroom which is toxicated with cheap perfume and glitter hairspray. Girls voices squeal with gossip and girl talk. I shove my way to an empty stall. I lean against the door. I pull out my small kitchen knife and sit down on the toilet and pull up my leg and slice my ankle. I don’t feel anything. I’m almost numb.


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