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I never thought that I would have to cut up my arm every time I got mad. But I was wrong. When I get angry all I see is all my flaws and faults. All the things that I have accomplished just dissolve into the void that is my life. I start crying because I know that I don’t want to scream at the people that really made me mad. So I just blame myself and cry until I feel like I am going to die. So instead of doing something that I have been told is “permanent” I cut my arm up. The physical pain of having slashes on my arm over-rides the emotional crap that I am dealing with. But it didn’t stop with once. Now every time I get to that point I do the one thing that I know will let me see tomorrow. Because in my eyes as warped as my perception is the tomorrows are all I really have to live for most of the time.


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