Life Story

Copyright, Zina

Hi, my name is Zina. I am sixteen, and have been cutting/burning since I was eight. Here’s my life story. My parents divorced when I was two. My mom got together with an abusive boyfriend who used to hit me and molest my older sister until I was seven. One day I found him choking my sister to death in the kitchen, and I started screaming something about the cops, he dropped her. I was seven. My mom, my sister Zoe and I moved in with my mom’s friend from college. I went to a new school, and was made fun of a lot because I dressed weird. My brother was in prison for four years for hijacking a bus in New Jersey, and my uncle was a drug addict. My mom got married to the man we were living with. My sister started doing heavy drugs as a means to cope with her abuse. I used to steal her pills and eat them. I was into meth at nine. My mom had cancer, she was sick my whole life. When I was ten, it got terminal, and my sister had been sent to a mental hospital. My stepdad was a trucker, and was gone a lot. I took care of my dying mother myself. My brother got out, but broke his parole, and a SWAT team tore our door off the hinges to drag him back to prison. I started cutting because I was curious, but then it just felt so good. I cut until my mom got really sick, and then I became too busy to cut. I watched my mother die. She died when I was eleven with her eyes open. I moved in with my dad and stepmom. My sister was going to college, and my brother got out again when I was thirteen. My uncle attempted suicide three times, and was successful on the third. I was in a mental hospital when he died. I went into hospitals for over a year because my cutting had gotten to the point where I was cutting to the muscle and hitting veins on a regular basis. I have never had stitches. I did a lot of drugs and prescription meds. I got out of the hospital a little over two months ago, and just dumped my long term boyfriend. I drink, and smoke pot and do DXM, and if I can get heavier drugs, I’d do them to, except coke, crack, heroin or X. I haven’t cut for six months, because my dad threatened to put me in DHS. There’s my story. E-mail me at


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