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I’m a 16 year old girl who thinks nothing of life. I hate my mother for giving birth to me and my only wish is to die! I started drum majorettes last year and I saw some freaky scratches on her arms, every time someone asked her what happened she said her cat scratched her, but I knew better. I thought that it would be easier to get rid of my own problems by cutting myself, so I did and it was worth it! Everyone at drummies knew that the cat didn’t really scratch me but I made sure my parents would not find out! Marching for the national champions, we won nationals for the 23rd time, I had to much to drink that night and my parents saw the cuts but I told them not to ever talk to me about it, I was seeing a psychologist but she didn’t know either, I recovered or so everyone thought, I was still cutting but somewhere no one could see them, then one day my mother told us she had a affair and that she is leaving my father, I was so mad, not cause she was leaving but because I planned on slitting my wrists that night, but I felt too sorry for my sisters and father so I didn’t do it, three days later I drank 40 painkillers mixed with coke light, I went to school that day but felt horrible, so I told a teacher everything, she phoned my father and he took me to the hospital, there my friend was a heroin addict and she introduced me to smack, I tried it in the hospital and loved it, eventually I got out and went home, stole $400 from my parents to buy smack until she stole my money, so I stopped with my expensive habbit, shortly after that I started cutting again, my parents took me to the psychiatrist who booked me a bed in a mental home, I didn’t go because I promised I would stop cutting! This year I started drummies again and my friend and I got closer, but she is a witch and I was a christian, I was never happy with my religion and didn’t believe anyway, so now I’m a witch as well, but I’m still not happy, I’ve been cutting on and off ever since and I will never stop, no matter what! Cutting is my life and my life is cutting! My mother left and I will never forgive her for it, I am still planning to commit suicide either by using an overdose of smack or slitting my wrists, I am drinking anti-depresants and will do so for the rest of my life! Once you have started cutting or doing drugs you are hooked and will always be, I don’t know but there’s no hope!


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