My Personal Life Story

Copyright Willow

I have one hundred and nineteen cuts and scars on my arms and legs. I am fourteen and started to cut when I was thirteen. I am growing up in a poor family and my father hates me and my mother’s guts, he is the reason I cut. He has verbally abused me since, well, forever.

I knew he hated me when I was a todler, but I tried to get his affection. It was a waste of time. I am really developed in my chest area and my father stares at my chest and I am very afraid of him. I have nightmares of him strangling me and when I stand up to him I get so scared he will beat the living daylights out of me.

I am going to start high school this year. He has done so much damage to me that I can’t go to public high school, I have to be homeschooled, because I cannot handle it emotionally and cannot stand being around people and I spend most of my time alone either in my room locked up or outside walking back and forth.


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