Worthless Corpse


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My name is Jessica, I first started self harming when I was only ten years old. Yes, it’s true I was only a little girl, that’s when everything started going wrong. I grew up not knowing who my father was. I was raised by my mother. Over the years she had many boyfriends some of whom were violent and I had to deal with all that. Ever since I was ten I was all alone. I would find myself rocking back and forth grasping onto my knees with a razor in one hand. I found out about self harm accidentally, I was playing with a razor blade for some reason and I cut myself. It felt good. Soon enough I was doing it to relieve my anger and hurt. All my pain ran down my arm with my blood. Six years later I’m still self harming. I’m in therapy now, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. When am I going to get some decent help beside from my razor blades?


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