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I guess it started when I was around 12. I’d been getting a lot of teasing and beatings from the kids at my new high school. The school was so small, it was like I couldn’t escape them. I hated them all, with a passion. And I though, ‘how could they hate me? am I that bad?’. I came up with all of these excuses of why they hated me. So I punished myself. The first time I did it, it was just a scratch. It felt good, but I thought it’d feel even better if I could make it bleed. So I did, and I couldn’t stop. It’s not like I want to kill myself, SI just makes the pain turn exterior, so I can see it, and know what is hurting me. I also know that my exterior wounds will heal eventually, and that gives me a sense of control and security. I’m almost 15, and I’m starting to tell people I trust, but I still wear long sleeves in summer…


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