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I’m fourteen and I’ve been cuttin for about five months now. I do it when I get upset or mad, but then other times I do it becuase I feel I have to. I won’t even be mad or upset, I’ll just feel I have to cut. My mom has seen my cuts and said she was gonna get me help and stuff, but she isn’t really doing anything. A few of my friends know that I cut. I cut on my right wrist and to cover it up I wear a wristband. Well, lately my cutting is getting too big for my wristband to cover and more people are starting to find out. My friends really want me to stop and they’re always telling me how much it hurts them when I cut. I wanna stop so that I don’t have to hurt them, but I can’t stop. I’m too deep in it and it feels like there’s no way I can stop. So I’m coming on this website hoping that I can get some advice and support. Well that’s my story right now…


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