My Past

Copyright, Gabe

Well like most people on here I “was” a self harmer. I started when I was a freshmen in high school. I hated school and my life I saw nothing for my future. I would go home and cut my self with anything I could find but I preferred razors because they cut so easy. I kept hurting myself till I met my girlfriend. She cared about me so much I thought my pain and sadness had faded away. It was just the beginning on our 7 month she dumped me. The self harm was worse than ever; deeper cutting, no eating, no sleeping, lots of drug abuse. As time went by I realized I was going to die if something didn’t happen soon, so I looked for people with the same problems and I would just talk to them. After I talked to these people I felt happy, so at school I would talk to my friends and try to help them out and when I made them laugh and smile it just made me happier. My point is that talking to people does help, or just listen to music. I have been cut free for a couple months. There is hope out there just takes a while to find it. I hope you all like my short story. If you want to talk just IM me. AIM: coldspider1313


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