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It’s hard to begin when I’m not even sure myself. All I know is where I am, and how I am both disgusted and surprised I got here.

I’m on anti-depressants, pills for my skin, pills for nervous exhaustion and disability. I’m on herbal tablets, cigarettes and not much else.

This website is about self-harm and suicide. One I do daily, the other I tried and sadly woke up from.

I’m 21. Key of the door? I used it to cut my arms beyond repair.

Sad I know. I use keys, scissors, blades, razors, kitchen knieves. I’ve done it at home, at other peoples homes, at work and in public toilets.

I cut my hands, my neck, my arms and my legs.

I felt so alone for so long. The Net has helped me realize that the walking wounded are everywhere. That I am not as alone as I had feared.

I’ve hurt so many people that I care about, by simply hurting myself. If only they realized that I feel next to nothing about myself. The only hurt I feel is the look of sadness in their eyes.

My body is covered with dozens and dozens of scars from myself. Inside I have the scars of other peoples disgust.

These neon scars never sleep, I just feel so tired from them. So damn tired all the time. People don’t always realize how much courage it takes to wake in the morning. Thanks for reading.


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