My Story

Copyright Harriet

It’s not much of a story to be honest. Really, I don’t feel like I belong here, like I don’t have the right to post my message on this board, but I feel like that all the time I guess. I suppose one of the reasons why I started self harming was because of my dad. It’s not like he abuses me or anything, but he critises everything I do, y’know? In his eyes everything I do is wrong, I used to (and still do) talk back and have a go at him, but I made a promise never to let him see me cry again, so one day when he really upset me, I just went to the bathroom and slashed my hips. I felt ashamed that I had done it, but also an amazing relief, it felt like the stress had dissapeard, for a short time at least, but it never goes for long. I’ve been depressed for as long as I can remember, I’ve never been truly happy. The main source of my depression is the fact that I hate the way I look. And I know nobody’s 100% happy about their body, but I just have an intense dislike of it. I cry every day, over little things, and big things and, yeah, I guess that’s why I self-harm.


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