Rethink It

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I’ve been cutting for over a year and a half, I can’t stop, it’s not like I don’t see a need to stop because I do, but I can’t. I’ve fallen into a complete world of hell with no way out. Most of my friends do it and it kills me. I try telling them to stop but they like to turn around with the whole ‘but you do it’ statement. I started when I was fourteen turning fifteen, I am now sixteen. I have more suicide attempts than years I’ve lived. I’ve been in hospitals and therapy, I’ve been on meds. I’ve been addicted to drugs and somehow I’m still alive. My friends are the only reason I’m here. I’m not going to tell you to stop and I’m not telling you meds or drugs or therapy is going to help because I know there’s a huge chance it won’t. It never helped me. But before you pick up the knife or blade for the first time, rethink it, once you do it there is no way back, there are other ways to deal with life. I don’t know them and I have no faith that I will ever learn them. I’ve given up on myself.


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