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I didn’t know if many people thought of self mutilation like this so I thought I’d just give you a message maybe you could post for other people to understand it. I used to be a real frequent cutter. My arms are covered in slash marks, faded words, and designs. I don’t so much do it anymore but there are times I just can’t deal with things anymore. I came to the conclusion about the 3rd time that I cut that the reason I did it was not for attention, but for release. I used the physical pain of cutting my flesh to escape and take my mind off of the mental pain. I put in my mind: ‘Hey, forget suicide. I’m going to struggle all I can because in the end I’m going to be happy and show everyone that has ever done me wrong that I can do it without them.’ I realized that we can’t just sit around waiting to be happy, we have to go for trial and error and explore every possibility there is out there. But OK, enough babbling from me.


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