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I’m a 25 years old guy, a working professional, making good money, decently good looking, have a good girlfriend, a nice car and close set of friends. So I should be the last one to have thoughts about suicide, right?

Well, if you told me that, that’s what I would think too. But it’s a bit different when the person is yourself. Often I’ve thought about suicide and how easy it would be to just kill yourself and not to deal with all the problems in life.

Sometimes, I just sit in front of my computer, and I wonder what the purpose of life is. Why am I here? I am not religious (I think alot of people will believe in anything just to escape from this reflection). I mean, what am I doing here? What is the point? I spend day after day, moving in my minute little world, affecting it in minute ways, like a colony ant. To what end?

What happened to all the dreams and expectations that I’ve had when I was in high school? I’ll tell you where they went, they were just dreams. Welcome to reality.

I think many times, the only thing preventing me from doing it is because of the heartbreak it would cause my parents and to my close friends. How could I justify it to them? So I just continue living and try to look forward to the future.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized that I can take charge of my life and make it the way I thought impossible before. I went through a body-for-life program and it taught me that I can do almost anything I put my mind to (I went from chubby/uncool guy to a cool/hunky guy that girls paid notice to in like two months. All of a sudden, all other aspects of life started to piece themselves together I think mostly because I was a completely better person.

I just want to share this with those who are unhappy like me at times thought about killing themselves: There are wonderful exercise-induced hormones that make a huge difference in the way you feel day to day. When you take charge of your body and health, you naturally start to take charge of everything else in your life.

Please, please try one of these programs before going through with suicide. You owe it to the ones who love you.


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