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My name is Valeria and I’m fourteen years old. I’ve been cutting for a year now and have already attempted suicide which fucking sucks. I am not trying to brag or compare myself to anyone who cuts, all I’m saying is I know how you feel.

Me and my mom were physically abused by my drug addicted father. My mom cheated on my dad with at least five other guys and she is now a cocaine dealer. And my brother sexually abused me since I was nine.

I know how you feel.

I’ve just been lookin through all the pictures on this site and I saw other girls with scars on their legs sayin shit like ‘FAT’ or ‘UGLY’ or ‘ALONE’.

Excuse me. Girls are not ugly at all. No matter what a girl or woman looks like or wears she will always be freakin sexy. Females shine.

I know I’ve cut and shit and I’m sayin all this stuff but I’ve realised it is so true. And I’ve stopped because of it. You don’t need anyone to be telling this. You guys should already know this. I used to look in the mirror and say to myself ‘you ugly shit, I gotta lose some freakin weight’. But now I look in that mirror and I say ‘far out man, you’re fucking sexy, thank you god for who I am’.

So all you sexy ladies out there who are hurting themselves: stop. It’s not worth ruining your bodies. Next time you feel like doing that, spoil yourself, pamper yourself, get a manicure, eat choccies, or even have a horror movie night with some people. Do whatever you can do to make you feel good other than hurting yourself.

Make everyone else go out of their way to make you feel good too.

All please take my advice. It has really changed me and I love myself. I don’t care about being alone because I can do anything I want.


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