Why I Cut

Copyright, Fabrizio

I’m italian. I am fifteen. I had a nice life but I had to come here. I have been here for two years. I came here when I was twelve. When I was like three or four years old my mom and my dad broke up. I can’t remember why, but I really love my dad. My brothers always beat me up. I couldn’t do anything about it, but one day I stabbed my brother in the arm. He had lots of surgeries and I was really sorry for that because he was the one I liked. But anyway now I’m here and my mom and her husband (step-dad) fight at least once a week. Sometimes for money, sometimes because my mom thinks he has another woman. But he doesn’t, he is too old and ugly. I got the most pretty, funny, sweet, and smart girlfriend that I ever had and she lives far from me and I love her so much. When I cut I think of all my mistakes, my looks and problems and when I cut for that moment the problems go away and I feel very good. And this site makes me feel really good about myself. It’s like home (not my home, because mine sucks). People think I’m a crazy but I’m not. I cut because I feel better after I do it.


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