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Right now I’m thirteen, but I’ve been cutting and scratching since twelve. There are many reasons for my injuries. Mostly concerning my family. My parents split when I was only two. They both remarried though, my dad got married to an awful bitch who is now my step mom. She and my dad had a child who is now two, that’s the only reason he’s still married to her. But when she came into my life, so did her daughter, who’s two years older than me. She can be OK, but she’s got major anger problems. But my mom, she got married to a man who loves his money. They’ve been together for ten years and are getting a divorce. He has two awful sons who are two and three years older than me. They’re real mean and always make fun of who I am. They hit me a lot. But that’s not why I started cutting. I started because my dad’s an alcoholic, with a mean wife who says crap about my mom and cusses me out. At the same time, my moms grounding me. She says “I’m disrespectful toward adults”. Plus I was absent from school and couldn’t take a test on the book I read, so I got an F in reading. But the main reason I cut, is because I feel so bad, and just want to feel pain. I Eal free when I cut. My best friend also cuts, and one of her friends gets real mad. But she just doesn’t realise that we simply cant stop. I’m just writing this to let everyone know that I know how you all feel. Thanks for listening.


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