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It’s like living in a world that gives you a taste of happiness — but for a price. That single moment of happiness you’ve been longing for, taken away, and ripping you apart, laughing at your face.

The taste of blood is sweeter, the colour of it, it used to freak me out, but now it’s so beautiful, watching it flow like a desert spring, on my skin.

It hurts to hide behind a hidden face.

People go through this all the time, but I’m not people, and I seem to lap myself in this vicious circle, of dreams created by those who break you apart.

I love her more than love’s meaningless pleasure. And what hurts is that I know, eventually I will love someone else, and one day she’ll break my heart too, like before, and before that, as the vicious circle continues.

One day, maybe I will have the courage to let myself bleed. They say it’s the cowards way out, but it frightens me.

Do I have a choice?

Maybe, just, maybe

Yours truly, a servant of words,


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