I Thought

Copyright, Friend

I’m a friend of a self-mutilator. She only did it 3 times but I don’t know if it will get worse. She’s always depressed, stressed, and sad. When she told me, I couldn’t believe it. I almost burst out in tears. I told her if she ever wanted to cut again to call me and we could cut together but now that I think about it neither one of us should cut. I should get help. She says she’s fine but I know inside she’s not. Her mom beats her for breathing, her friends give her no space, no breathing room, her grades are terrible. What should I do? Sit there and watch as she picks up the knife or talk to her and help her? Never talk about it or make her mad by telling her it’s wrong? You tell me.

I See

Copyright, Friend

I see the scars on her skin
I see the tears run down her chin
I see the blood drip on her leg
I see the knife… her best friend
I see her rub the beutiful knife
I see the agony of her life
I see her smile
I see her lauph
And yet the pain just comes back


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