My Story

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My story is this: I have been cutting for about two years now. I had a bad childhood. My twin brother killed himself at ten. My parents don’t care much about anyone. After two years, I learned about cutting through a friend I’ve known for almost eight years. He showed me his arms in gym class one day, and I asked why? He told me all about it makeing the mental pain leave him. So I tried it, trying very heard to forget my brother’s dead face. I cut a few times after than, nothing to bad. But after I saw a home video from my brother’s and mine 10th birth day, just two days before he killed himself. I ran to my room and cut so deep it almost killed me. I was taken to the hospital by my older brother Matt. My parents didn’t care that I had almost killed myself. My brother begged me to stop, but my parents keept saying things about my brother, and how I was fucking up my life, so I keept cutting. And to this day I cut. I had tried to kill myself once. I cut my wrists deep, the only reason I am still here is because my friend who first told me about cutting, saved me. He is no longer a cutter, and is helping me stop.


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