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I have attempted it before, but this webpage enlightened me a lot. I realised what the world has come to. I support self-harm because it’s a person’s decision which should be respected. I, for one, am now treated like a mentally disabled person, with social services now on my back and me going onto the psychiatric register if I ever do it again. And they still threaten me. Still.

I don’t understand why people care so much. I don’t understand why we people are considered insane. Not to mention my case is no where as severe as some of the cases on this website.

It’s a psychological thing I guess. I don’t want anybody to pity my situation — I just want people to understand that this treatment has to stop. I am not insane. I do not want help. I just want the problems to stop, and I don’t see any other way except for self-harm. It lets out the anger, gets the adrenalin going and above all feels good. Feels like a new start. Feels fresh.

I only have one thing to say to the people reading this website. Don’t do self-harm. It just shows you’re weak.


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