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I have been cutting for a few months, it’s the best but the worst feeling in the world. When I cut I can stop thinking that I have to put on that really pretty preppy girl act and be who I want to be. I am so sick of being my parents’ wind up doll, so I SI my arm and ankle, where they don’t notice. I try to act perfect but what nobody knows is I cry each night. I have manic depression, it’s pretty bad. But don’t feel sorry for me I am happy this way, on the inside it’s like I’m this totally different person than I appear to be. I can give pretty good advice, I am mature, more mature than most teenage girls. I actually care what others have to say, I promise to listen to everything you tell me, who knows maybe you can help me. Thank you for listening.

They Locked Her Up

They locked her up, nice and tight.
Chains and needles, inside she cried
They got the tape and shut her mouth.
Got the knief and cut her blouse.
Inside she’d hoped they’d set her free to be with her family
She Closed her eyes as the tears rolled down
(boom) the last thing she heard was a gun sound
As she awakend in a quiet place
She arouse with Kisses on her face
In this place she ran to play
as the men who hurt her were put away.

Normal Weird or Alright

Do you think Im crazy or alright
Is it normal to cry each night
Constantally wishing I were dead
I always hated my big old bed
because every time I would cry it
would be on that one bed,
is that what putting these bad thoughts in my head?
But tonight I sat alone in the dark on the edge
of my dad’s car thinkin of
how I would break my boyfriends heart
by leaving him
Just to start a new beginnin from the end
I love him so much, its just so hard to pretend to be alright.
Tonight I will take both of us
And end all of these horrible thoughts in my head.


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