I Can’t Quit

Copyright, Rita

My name is Rita. I’m eighteen, turning nineteen on September 26th of 2004. I have been cutting for eleven years now. I tried to quit several times but I went back, I’m addicted and even though I want to stop a part of me will always want it, every razor I see or broken glass on the ground, I have been there and I don’t really know how I made it through I just know I did… Cutting has been there for me when no one else was, it comforted me when I needed to cry but couldn’t, it showed me I could still feel, and each scar is a story of survival but now I look at the scars and new wounds and I cry because I realize what I have done to me I can’t look at the scars without wanting to cry, it’s now time to say goodbye to this friend of eleven years who never left my side who was always there and to be honest I really don’t wanna say bye, but I realize what it’s doing to me and even though it may be years from now before we depart we will have to some day…

Nothing is ever good and to every man his own. I feel for all the others going through this same thing but in the same light I am glad it helped you through the times it did when you had no hope and you were lost and you found a way to find yourself. You can email me or hit me up on Yahoo! Messenger, I’m always up for listening (weeda420420).


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