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Well I have been cutting for four years now and I started when I was in the seventh grade my mom had just had a new baby and I was everybody’s all american girl cheerleading, basketball, softball, singing, dancing, playing piano, but I struggled with meeting everybody’s standards for me and to relieve my stress I began to cut, mostly my thighs because of cheerleading but over time I cut my hips, ankles, stomach, wrists, arms, I was really starting to put my self in a dangerous position, then my parents got divorced, and one of my friends committed suicide, and my beautiful dark secret became even more a part of my life. I practically raised my brother after that, but now I am a junior and working towards being cut free, and so far have been for five months, I will be seventeen in a few weeks and I get to go to Ireland to see my ancestors old houses, before I head off to college, and to replace cutting I have now found a new answer to my problems I found God, and I am now singing at church and have come a long way. So it is possible to stop cutting and have a good life although it is a constant struggle it’s nice to be able look at your arm and not see blood coming from the fresh wound. The best thing to do is find a new release, like for me it’s poetry, music (both singing and playing), and my art especially painting so good luck all.


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