A Fading Child

Copyright Mariah/The Wind

I cry out for help-
yet no one hears.
I cry out in tears-
but no one cares.
Inside the child keeps on fading,
creating a new image-
rising above the shadows and rising into the light.
A me that is weak, sensitive — and crazy.
Nobody sees it-
yet nobody would care,
life is just never any fair.
The knife inside my heart turns once again.
The pain begins. my new life then ends.
The butterfly loses it’s wings,
then falls.
But the star stays up strong,
even though the petals all fall.
The child inside and memories,
will never die-they’ll only kill me:
on the inside.

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The Cause for my Insanity

All poems copyright, Megan Williams

The past few years you have caused me
Nothing but anger and pain,
My docter said you were the one
Who made me go insain.

If I caused accidental trouble
You tell me YOU’RE in control,
And that I will be fine
If I made you part of my goal.

In the past i’ve been bored with you,
So the other side you did show,
That black side made me lighter,
Instead of grey and low.

I miss the sound of my laugh,
And the sight of my smile,
Hopefully it’ll all return
In a short,hurried while.

Low self-confidence,
And low self-esteem,
Hasn’t got me anywhere
Because you’ve been so mean.

Every time I see you,
You take advantage of me,
You ask me to stay the night,
And stupidly I agree.

But every time I awake,
I brake out of your skin
I realize each time
That I have let you win.

Why is it when I leave
You’re the one I miss?
What is it you gain
From purposely doing this?

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Copyright Mike

I don’t fear my cuts
I don’t fear my burns
I don’t fear my friends
I don’t fear my family
I don’t fear my partners
I don’t fear my Love
I don’t fear my lies
I don’t fear my body
I don’t fear my self
I don’t fear my strengths
I don’t fear my weaknesses
I don’t fear my personality
I don’t fear my truths
I don’t fear my Knives
I do fear my past

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Not Your Shame

Copyright, Moriarty

And if there is something I would like to say
I would say I hate your name
Theyīre all the same
Theyīre all too lame
But my face, no, it isnīt theirs
Demonstrating the beat
I feel inside my meat
And flesh is opening again
The flesh is staining the rain
Arenīt we all loveables
Arenīt we all cuddly
Our skin is weak
And our mind is fiddly
These blades do keep us sane
But they make you scared
And you think we are insane
You should know this isnīt normal
But we arenīt ill just a bit abnormal
Let us treat our flesh this way
It will keep us out of your way
Drfting up higher
Hearing the heart
Drifting to clouds again
Feeling the heart
The only lines we snort are red

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