I Cried Today

Copyright, Hobbit

I cried today
tears fell from tired eyes
only to hit unstable ground
warm and uncomfortable
I soak them right up

I hurt today
lost myself in delusions
and felt that sting
swollen and cracked
I bled under the skin

I lost today
gave up the fight
and put away my ambition
defeated and crushed
I cried myself away

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Nothing Child

Copyright, Haze

The little girl inside, plesent blonde innocence, the things she tries to hide, tired and small, sweet and dried, the preacious pail girl dies. she is nothing more then, a helpless child inside, she may look attentive, but theres nothing to confide… shes always screaming in her head, to think of the world that is dead, there is nothing for her, its just a faithless act of fear, the hear the echo future, but that has also dear, she has nothing to her, shes false and insuccure, this girl is a nothing child, cring upon the floor…

Wot I Choose to Do

Copyright, Hannah

Wot I choose to do
Is of no concern to you
I am what I am
And ill do what I want
but I cant hide
I want to take a chance on life again
So let me go
Everyone makes mistakes
its only human
Inside everybodys hiding something
I just want to feel
safe in my own skin
then I wouldnt feel
so lost and so frightened
But im so lonely
i dont even want tobe with myself anymore
I just want to feel happy again
Im wondering why I get out of bed at all
Therell be hell today
does it bother you to know the mess im in
How do feel
A painful look
Take my hand and tell me what your thinking
Take my hand and if im lying to you
Ill always be alone
If im lying to you
Give your trust to me and look into my heart
Im no angel but please dont think that I cant try and try
Im no angel but please dont think that I cant cry
Im not perfect but I can smile


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