A Living Corpse

Copyright, Vanessa Lynn

Glistening razor sharpened blade
This is the fucking life I’ve made
Sitting lone amidst the mess
Envy for the dead at rest
Tainted bloodied blade on bone
Fifteen years evil has grown
Once bandaged now revieled
What time has never healed
Remaining silent forever more
Brought forth another vampire whore
Craving blood from within
Surving thriving on its sins
Slipping away into the night
Pass the joint I’ll take flight
High above decaying land
Fate now within Death’s hand
Forever deeper into the flesh
Feel the sting the cut is fresh
Crimson demons flowing free
Helps release a part of me
Wake up shake up from the rage
Shatter, break, destroy the cage
Facing judgement disappointed looks
Unable to cope, own life took
But now I see what I’ve lost
I finally see the dreadful cost
Reality hit leaving me in shock
Only sound, tick-tock tick-tock of the clock


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