Copyright, Elyssa

People change, Why can’t you understand that?
Thinks change, Why don’t you just except it?
I don’t care anymore.
Why don’t you let me be?
Stop telling me to stop.
I like it.
Don’t you see, it doesn’t hurt.
It makes me happy.
To see the blood run down my arms.
Stop it!
Stop saying that you understand.
You don’t.
Stop saying that you care.
I don’t want you to.
Stop saying that you love me.
I don’t want to hear it.
Just give me back the blade,
And let me cut for more.
Stop saying you don’t want me to do it.
Stop trying to make me feel bad.
Stop crying.
You aren’t making this easy.
Can’t you see I’m happy?
The pain, the blood, everything makes me smile now.
Stop saying bad things will happen.
They won’t.
You aren’t hurting me.
Stop saying I’m hurting you.
Stop trying to make me care,
I won’t, I don’t.
Just give me back the blade,
And let me cut for more.
I promise, this will be the last time.
I know I have said that before.
But I mean it this time.
Stop saying that you love me.
I don’t love you anymore
I love the blood.
Can’t you see the blood makes me happy?
Stop saying I’m hurting myself.
I’m not, it doesn’t hurt.
It’s only emotion.
The razor gives me the blood that I love.
It took your place.
You no longer make me happy.
Don’t say I don’t understand,
I do.
I love the razor.
I love the painless emotion.
I love the blood
I love it all.
It makes my pain go away.
Why won’t you go away and let me cry and bleed some more?

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Copyright, Emily

Razors cutting deep into my skin,
Blood dripping down my arm,
The feeling, Oh the feeling!

If only this feeling would last forever,
I could be a happy person,
If I could cut every minute of every day,
I could live my life being satisfied.

The knife digging deep into my arm,
The blood oozing out of my body,
The pain, Oh the wonderful pain!

If this pain could only last forever,
oh, how I would be happy,
Just to feel this pain,
What a life I could lead feeling this pain every minute of the day.

Man oh man, if I could only cut every minute of every day,
I could have a happy life,
Only if I could every second of every day of my life.

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