Falling Apart

Copyright, Kacy

I’m falling apart
My life
I can’t put together
The scars are forever
And the cuts are deeper
Why am I doing this?
I’m lost inside
The maze of my mind
I may never be found
Help me
The darkness is overtaking
I’m suffocationg
I’m falling apart
The pieces of my life
No longer fit
There’s no hope

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Scared to Death

Copyright, Kaleena

No words for what is wrong with me
Self hatred is all I see
Living in a confused daze
Wishing it is all a phase
I see I cause your heart’s torment
But know remorse is evident
Relief brought by a tiny drop
Allows an ounce of pain to stop
One escape, one way out
The more it hurts the less I shout
Afraid to live so take the pills
Deep within a void it fills

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In the Bathroom Stall

Copyright, Karli

My lipgloss slides across my lips
The blood drips and drips
My hand slips
I slit my wrist
The sting the pain
Makes me feel safe
makes me feel loved when there is no trace
The pain makes me feel oh so great
Shit im so involed that im guna be late
I sit in the bathroom and make more cuts
Watch the blood
The wonderous puddles of blood
People will later visit the stall
see the blood and fall
they’ll think its from a gurl who hasd their period
Not from a gurl who slits her wrists
Thers cuts on my wrists
Theres cuts on my legs
Ill use ne thing
A pin A nail
A knife A blade
Of grass my ass is getting so fat
Im eating too much
I feel like a pig
Its not my fault depression sux
Fuck this shit man
Im going to feed the ducks
Get my mind off my life
Cut an apple
Here, have a slice
Leave my sight
So I can ruin
My soft pale skin
With a razor so thin

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Scars on my Arms

Copyright Katie

Scars on my arms
That wont go away
Scars on my arms
That are here to stay

People wonder why
I wear long sleaves
But the truth that lies beneath
No one wants to believe

People judge by
Figure and face
They dont see
Whats underneath

Why make it harder
By letting them see
The scars on my arms

The reason i dont
Want anyone to see
Is i want them to look deeper
And judge the real me

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Copyright, Kupomo

Sticks and stones might break my bones, but your words will always hurt me. They will always weaken me from the inside. Making me frail, making me susceptible to your endless games. Why do I keep on falling apart? I fall and fall in your endless traps. Endless lies and endless games, why must you always make me feel pain? Can’t you understand that your words hurt? That they will always bring me pain. Why won’t you leave me alone? Can’t you just let it go? Stop using my past to get me back. I can never be yours. Because I’m not your property, or something that you can use. Let me go. Just let me be free. Understand that I can’t go on living like this. End my pain, and stop pretending that I am your slave. I’m slowly going insane. Take the blade in hand. Cut the soft skin, and let the blood be free. White skin stained by red blood. Like endless snowfields covered in war. Blood soon falls on the fields of while, leaving everything red behind. Her body falls. The rug is stained red. She is dead, but she has finally been set free.

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