Drag the Blade

Copyright, Becky

Deeper and deeper
as you watch me bleed,
I wish you’d realize
its something i need

Pain is pleasure
and pleasure is pain
You’d be fine with it
If there was something for you to gain

You know deep down inside
you cant help me
if i wont help myself
Hide my past
behind the chicken noodle soup
on the kitchen shelf

Drag the blade
across my skin
My need for you
has worn thin

Snap the band
down on my wrist
the target seemed perfect
but the arrow missed

Sizzling flesh,
can you smell is burn?
trust is something
you have to earn

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New Addiction

Copyright, Beth

the blade slowly dragging
against my trembling wrist
releasing the pressure
relieving the stress.
my new addiction
getting as bad
as my smoking habit.
something gets me mad
i begin to cut
hoping for the bravery
to just press down.
every cut
a single story of distress.
a different reason
to want to live less.
i watch my new addiction
take over my mind
as my arm pulses rose red blood
and surrounds me in puddles
of my own dispare.
looking into the blood
i see my glare
so my new addiction
ends itself suddenly
and gives me the courage
and the strength to press down.
now my new addiction
left me in a crimson puddle to drown.

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My Endeavor

Copyright, Broken Shadow

He did everything they wanted him to
but suddenly he stopped, didn’t know where to go
then he saw this bird and he showed him the way
the way we all go when time is right
they talked about life and reasons to reject it
and there was pure astonishment in his pale blue eyes
‘cause he flew high above the earth
wondered if his journey’d ever come to an end
through colored clouds he looped
and he found a place where he thought he could stay
it was dark, but also clear and with no room for fear
“Here”, he gladly thought, “it would take a shitload of hell to frighten me!”
and day by day his pain moved away
he spent hours, months, years in silence, moved only in his mind
but nonetheless merely a few seconds passed
enough time to notice that he lost his soul
“Yeah… so it feels”, he said, “to take the bus.”
and a lonesome tear ran down his cheek.

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